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One day you wake up and you're in your thirties. How'd that happen? Still semi-broke, still negotiating with your ex about your daughter, still wondering what you're going to do when you grow up.

Frankie, 31, is a tempestuous ball of mad life; a painter who also illustrates for a living at a large daily newspaper. She lives with fallen star chef Tom, occasional depressive and cook in the local rehabilitation hospital and Lou, her eight-year-old daughter.

Just down the road but in a much nicer house, that has a mortgage not a landlord, lives Charlie, 35, architect, surfer, emotionally stunted and Lou's father. He's Frankie's ex and Tom's brother.

Charlie's married to Julia, a 30-something woman with firm dreams about her life that are about to come true and scare the shit out of her.

Add to the mix, Di, Frankies fifty-something bombshell rock and roll mother, a terminally broke second hand furniture dealer: Gerry and Brenda, Tom and Charlie's Mum and Dad who drive cabs and experience epiphanies on trips to Fiji.

This is an exploration of big characters dealing with the deepest of human emotions. Love, hate, truth, lies, jealousy, anger and death. It deals with the randomness of life and the bloody mindedness needed to carve out a place in the world. These people are family by blood and family by proxy.

A web of relationships which are pulled and strained by the strongest desires and contradictions of the human heart. We see them at their worst, these people are too close for manners; and we see them at their best, negotiating their lives with and for one another and looking after their children, their lives and loves as best they can.

Love My Way is an exploration of the love that binds us, the relationships that define us and the dreams of grown ups.