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1.Daniel DenholmAlbee's Theme
2.Machine Gun FellatioI'm Not Afraid Of Romance
3.Pre- ShrunkSound Pimp
4.The Dumb EarthAuld Lanxiety Attack
5.The WhitlamsCharlie No 1
6.Jodi PhillisWaiting, Wanting, Holding
7.Hamish CowanI'll Never Grow Up
8.Bernie HayesYou Made Me Hard
9.Stella One ElevenThe River
11.NitocrisSpouse Killer
12.Sunk LotoShiver
13.Lo- TelDisconnected (Acoustic Version)
14.Christa HughesCarrot Day
15.Felicity HunterAngel Fire
16.Bernie Hayes and the ShoutiesLong Letter
17.Pre- ShrunkHot Robots
18.Daniel DenholmAngus's Theme