Produced by Eyeworks Touchdown in association with Cornerbox Productions

Executive Producer: Julie Christie
Series Producers: David Galloway, Greg Heathcote
Producer: David Grusovin
Aired: May - June 2007 (Nine)

Imagine living in one of the most primitive cultures on the planet, where your home is made of cow dung and to feed your family you must hunt monkey, eat bush buck and subscribe to tribal laws. All this and worse will be the daily challenge for three average Aussie families who have volunteered for an "adventure holiday" that will change their lives forever.
Charles WooleyNarrator
The Zulu people of Kosi Bay (S. Africa)
Glenn Sherry
Vicki Sherry
Ashley Sherry
James Sherry
The Mentawai people of Sirberut (Indonesia)
Tony Povey
Mel Povey
Chelsea Povey
Samantha Povey
The Himba people of Kaokoland (Naimbia)
Michael Fraser
Lynn Fraser
Robert Fraser
Sasha Fraser
the lost tribes

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