Produced by JDR Screen

Created and written by: Ivan Aristeguieta and Chris McDonald
Executive Producers: Rick Kalowski, Kate Croser, Sandy Cameron
Producer: Julia de Roeper
Director: Richard Jasek

Released: January 01, 2017 (ABC iView)

As Ivan discovers what it means to be a real Aussie, his quest to becoming a permanent resident isn't so much about ticking a box on a form, but learning about the strange and unique customs that we take for granted, and that make us Australian. With the help of two Aussie roommates, a lesbian tradie and hipster vegan, he gets a firsthand insight into modern Australia and in the current climate of being an immigrant, what it takes to being one of the "good ones" and how lucky we really are. (6x8min)

Ivan AristeguietaIvan
Lori BellTia
Nic KreigScott
cast photo

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