Produced by Treasure Island Pictures

Executive Producer: Mark Evans
Producer: Joseph Kaufman
Directors: Lee Sholem, Byron Haskin
Writers: Martin Rackin, Kay Keavney

Aired: 1955 (USA) / 1957 (UK) / 1958 (ABC, Aus)

After returning from Treasure Island, Long John Silver discovers that another pirate, Mendoza, has kidnapped Jim Hawkins and the governor's daughter. Long John Silver decides to mount a rescue operation, but there is more than just the recovery of Jim that appeals: there could be treasure to be had along the way. The first television series to be made in Australia. Based on characters created by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Robert NewtonCaptain Long John Silver
Connie GilchristMiss Purity Pinker
Kit TaylorJim Hawkins
Billy KayIronhand
Grant TaylorPatch
Eric ReimanTrip Fenner
John BrunskillOld Stingley
Harry HambletonBig Eric
John SherwoodSir Henry Strong
Hans SternReverend Monaster
Muriel SteinbeckLady Strong
Jean WhitteElizabeth Strong

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