Little J & Big Cuz: episode guide

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Desert Camp

Episode 2.01 (14)
Writer: Dot West

Big Cuz learns that her teacher has never seen kangaroos or emus up close. She’s delighted when Ms Chen accepts the invitation to go camping out bush. But will giggling Little J ever stop scaring all the animals away?

Starring: Deborah Mailman as Big Cuz, Miranda Tapsell as Little J, Ningali Lawford Wolf as Nanna, Aaron Fa'aoso as Old Dog

With: Ursula Yovich as Levi, Renee Lim as Ms Chen; Shari Sebbens as Sissy, B Boy, Dee; Kylie Bracknell as Ally, Mark Coles Smith as Uncle Mick; Katie Beckett as George, Jacko; Miah Madden as Monti, Shakira Clanton as Mirra

Note: the cast is the same for all episodes and won't be repeated

Little J's Play

Episode 2.02 (15)
W: Dot West

Little J and his friends are putting on a play for school assembly. But soon the cast mutinies — Little J’s so bossy! As Big Cuz watches Little J rehearse playing all the roles, she knows embarrassment looms… unless they can entice the cast back.

After the Storm

Episode 2.03 (16)
W: Dot West

Little J and Big Cuz are worried when Old Dog goes missing after a big storm. Surely with Uncle Mick in their search party they’ll find him. Meanwhile, cheeky Old Dog is safe and sound — causing havoc in Big Cuz’s bed!

Road Trip

Episode 2.04 (17)
W: Jane Harrison

Little J has a big plan for Ally’s first sleepover, but Ally refuses to join the fun. She’s pining for her Dad, who’s far away on an emergency call out. Will Little J’s pretend road trip to see her Dad cheer Ally up?

Pilot Bird

Episode 2.05 (18)
W: Nathan Maynard with Samuel Nuggin-Paynter

It’s a big adventure going to Mutton Bird Island, and Little J can’t wait to show B Boy the rookery with Uncle Mick. After B Boy sees a snake he’s way too scared… until Little J takes him under his wing.

Footy Mad

Episode 2.06 (19)
W: Samuel Nuggin-Paynter

It’s the School Footy Match this week! Big Cuz reluctantly agrees to be the commentator, while Little J boasts he’ll kick twenty goals. He’s devastated when he breaks his arm at practice — now he can’t play! But maybe Big Cuz can make him a radio star.


Episode 2.07 (20)
W: Dot West

Nanna is unwell so Little J and Big Cuz eagerly take over running the house — their way! Fun ways to do housework soon descend into slapstick chaos.

School Sleepover

Episode 2.08 (21)
W: Beck Cole with Clare Madsen

The School Sleepover is exciting…and challenging. Little J’s scared of the dark and Big Cuz still sleeps with her teddy. Can they get through the night with some help from their friends?

Picnic Day

Episode 2.09 (22)
W: Dot West

Tin rollers are the latest school craze, and the school picnic race will be Little J’s chance to prove his roller is the fastest. Meanwhile Big Cuz struggles to understand why Mirra doesn’t like picnics. Can Big Cuz change Mirra’s mind?

Goodbye Swooper

Episode 2.10 (23)
W: Erica Glynn

Little J, Big Cuz and Levi find old magpie Swooper lying on the ground. Little J’s hopeful they can make him better, but sadly he dies. Nanna encourages the kids to give him a good send off, once Little J accepts that Swooper’s gone.

In Memory of Lorraine Madsen

Bush Medicine

Episode 2.11 (24)
W: Ursula Yovich with Clare Madsen

Big Cuz is excited — Nanna’s taking the class out bush to gather pandanus for weaving. But Nanna is called in to work so Big Cuz takes over, with comically chaotic results. Old Dog chews the first aid kit and Levi cuts his hand — but Big Cuz shines at bush medicine.

Big Bruz

Episode 2.12 (25)
W: ?

Little J is jealous — Big Cuz is going away to a science fair without him. Enter imaginary Big Bruz — best friend ever! But soon Levi is heartbroken, isn’t he Little J’s best friend?

Finding Home

Episode 2.13 (26)
W: Beck Cole

Little J and Levi squabble over a ‘pile of junk’ in the bush — should they build a fortress or pirate ship cubby? They compromise and love their creation — until Big Cuz tells them what they thought was a ‘pile of junk’ was a senior lawman’s camp. Maybe they can set things right.

Little J & Big Cuz is dedicated to
Ningali Lawford-Wolf
1968 – 2019