Lift Off: episode guide

A Load of Old Rubbish, Part 1

Episode 1

A scruffy looking old doll falls off a dump truck and is rescued by Poss and Kim. Nipper won't go to the fancy dress party because he doesn't know what to wear but EC helps him solve the problem.

A Load of Old Rubbish, Part 2

Episode 2

Paul gets fed up when his little sister Aku busts his kite. He objects to baby-sitting until Aku helps him out of an embarrassing and difficult situation. Paul realises that having a little sister might not be so bad after all.

Destroy, Part 1

Episode 3

Aku pretends she is a dinosaur with serious consequences for her friendships with Poss, Kim, Nipper and Max. In the end she realises that playing games can go too far. She apologises and is welcomed back into the group.

Destroy, Part 2

Episode 4

Turbo gets cross with Nipper and tells him to grow up. Nipper rejects EC but pines for his doll until Turbo realises the harm he has done and reassures Nipper that we all need a little magic in our lives.

Which One?, Part 1

Episode 5

Kim goes to stay with Poss who gets very jealous when Kim gets special treatment from her family. Kim understands Poss's feelings and tells her how lucky she is and that she, Kim, can only borrow her family for a while.

Which One?, Part 2

Episode 6

Kim and Poss make a video interviewing parents about why they have children. The experience helps Kim work out her own feelings for her adopted parents.

That's Not Fair, Part 1

Episode 7

Nipper wants to play soccer with the other kids but bossy Snot says Nipper's a weed. Nipper is dejected but persists and when asked to join the team he kicks a goal.

That's Not Fair, Part 2

Episode 8

Poss wants to win a pony through the Bonza eating competition. Ted and Jenny aren't enthusiastic. Poss fights with Kim and realises her hopes are unrealistic. She finds a solution that all the family enjoys together.

Because It Feels Good, Part 1

Episode 9

Nipper enjoys eating jelly with his hands but wants to grow up because then he'd have more fun doing things like camping. Unable to go away on a holiday, the children camp in the backyard. The feeling is great - until it rains.

Because It Feels Good, Part 2

Episode 10

Ted wakes the children up in an unusual manner. Aku and Nipper enjoy dancing. Max enjoys a scratch that leads to everyone scratching.

Into The Unknown, Part 1

Episode 11

Max works at roller blading but he keeps having spills. At school he knocks over the caretaker and the art teacher's sculpture. Paul, Turbo and Max surprise the teacher by putting together something that works.

Into The Unknown, Part 2

Episode 12

Harry and Stella take Kim and Poss on an overnight bushwalk. They get lost and camp out in a hut. Without Poss they would have been in more trouble.

Once I Grew, Part 1

Episode 13

Aku befriends a struggling plant. Lotis decides she would like a garden but it grows out of control and the children return the plant to the forest. Mr. Fish just wants to grow hair.

Once I Grew, Part 2

Episode 14

Kim is promoted to a higher level in the gym class but she is fearful. Encouraged by Kim and EC she overcomes her fears. Poss and Nipper argue about the use of the bathroom.

Something Tells Me, Part 1

Episode 15

Max receives a letter and the news isn't good. Paul reads Max's letter and discovers that Max is worried about meeting his pen friend James who doesn't know that Max is deaf. James is more concerned about his roller blade skills.

Something Tells Me, Part 2

Episode 16

Today is fathers' childcare day. Ted minds baby Annie but has to leave her with Mr. Fish for a short time. Annie leads Mr. Fish on a merry dance. Harry takes Kim to the office where Kim solves a major business problem.

The Wheel Turns, Part 1

Episode 17

Baby breaks Nipper's toy when Poss and Kim are baby-sitting. Poss decides to make a toy for Nipper all by herself - a handmade pinball machine.

The Wheel Turns, Part 2

Episode 18

The Burke family is planning on going camping. Ted puts on his fishing jacket and starts to sneeze. And what a sneeze it is! At the campsite, Ted's sneezing plays havoc with the peaceful surroundings and the wildlife. Poss and Nipper wonder if the fishing jacket could be the cause of Ted's allergy.

Out Of Order, Part 1

Episode 19

Nipper loses EC in the rain, down a drain. Snap and Turbo come to the rescue and trace the drain to the beach where there is a very happy reconciliation.

Out Of Order, Part 2

Episode 20

Paul is careless and Aku gets hurt. The other kids reject Paul who goes to work as Mr. Fish's deputy. Aku misses Paul and the other children decide to forgive him, as they need him to help with the kite competition.

Above and Beyond, Part 1

Episode 21

Aku is distressed to find that Mr. Fish is going to cut down their favourite tree. Initially Paul is too busy to listen, but Max helps Aku by organising a petition. The council says it's too late, but fortunately Mr. Fish's plans go wrong.

Above and Beyond, Part 2

Episode 22

Aku is staying at Nipper's house. When they hear strange noises from upstairs, they decide an alien lives there. They discover playing "alien" games is fun. But the older kids don't believe in the alien upstairs, so Nipper and Aku go up to find out for themselves.

I Can!, Part 1

Episode 23

Poss tries to dive but she is too scared. The others tease her and she gets most upset with her family and Kim. Lotis assures Poss she can do it and Poss finally plucks up courage for her first dive.

I Can!, Part 2

Episode 24

Turbo tells Nipper about his billycart record - all the way down the hill and past the special tree stump. Nipper decides to beat the record. First, they have to rebuild Turbo's old billycart, which means asking for help from their legendary and terrifying neighbour, Mr. Peck. Nipper is determined to succeed, and he does.

Remember, Part 1

Episode 25

The Children want to give a surprise gift to the Anderetti's for their wedding anniversary. On a visit to the cemetery they remember how "Mrs. Hammie" taught them to press flowers. They make a picture frame mounted with pressed flowers and present the gift at a surprise party.

Remember, Part 2

Episode 26

The children plan a concert on the steps of the apartment building. Nipper wanders off and gets absorbed in daydreams. Paul and Poss find him just in time for the concert.

Clash, Part 1

Episode 27

Arguing over EC's role in a game, Poss and Kim pull the doll apart. Nipper tries to fix EC but to no avail. Jenny suggests Ricardo could help. With EC fixed, the children play but ban Poss and Kim until they learn to play cooperatively.

Clash, Part 2

Episode 28

Ted gives Poss a treasured concertina that becomes the centre of an argument with her classmates.

For Sale, Part 1

Episode 29

The kids have turned an old warehouse into their own "Zip Zap Theatre". Kim is dismayed to find out the warehouse is going to be sold - and worse - her mother is the real estate agent! So Kim and her friends put on a play called "Moon for Sale" - about the value of things that money can't buy. It's a lot of fun and it helps to resolve the situation.

For Sale, Part 2

Episode 30

Nipper is grumpy because he's losing at Monopoly. Aku would prefer to play with EC instead. But Nipper grabs EC and locks the doll away. When Nipper finds that he's left out of everything he shares EC with Aku and the friends are reunited.

Face, Part 1

Episode 31

Poss's cousin Jemma comes to stay. Poss and Jemma look identical and play a trick on Mr. Fish. While they look the same they are certainly different underneath. Snap and Turbo solve a baked bean and spaghetti puzzle.

Face, Part 2

Episode 32

Paul takes on the job of looking after Mr. Clark's cockatoo. Tiny escapes causing Paul some anxious moments. When Mr. Clark arrives to pick up Tiny there are two cockatoos. Which one is Tiny?

Going Under, Part 1

Episode 33

Poss, Nipper and Max visit Grandma and Grandpa's farm. They go on a treasure hunt, eat Grandpa's cherry pie and Nipper gets a tummy ache from too many cherries.

Going Under, Part 2

Episode 34

Kim and Poss enjoy swimming in the pool at the Stinson's until Kim is pushed under. Kim comes to terms with her fears with Lotis' help and dives under water.

Illusion Is All, Part 1

Episode 35

Nipper invents an invisible friend to protect him from the scary sights and sounds of a stormy night. Snap, Turbo, Paul and Aku visit a movie studio to make some repairs. Nipper finds out he doesn't need any equipment to create his illusion.

Illusion Is All, Part 2

Episode 36

Poss breaks a new lamp that was to be Jenny's birthday gift from Ted. It can't be repaired so Snap and Turbo make a new base modelled on EC. Ted is bewildered as to how this change came about.

Beneath The Skin, Part 1

Episode 37

Turbo is in charge of the cooking for a surprise party for the Garcia's to celebrate the anniversary of their arrival in Australia. Nipper surreptitiously befriends a skinny cat who eats part of the feast - eels. Now Nipper and the other kids have a problem on their hands. How do they replace the eels without Turbo finding out?

Beneath The Skin, Part 2

Episode 38

Paul hurts himself when he falls out of a tree into Kim and Aku's mud pies. Mr. Fish feels sick but gets little sympathy from the children as they head for the hospital.

Real Friends, Part 1

Episode 39

Kim has a spotty virus and is stuck at home. Paul makes a telephone from two cans and a string so they can talk to Kim. Max builds a cubby house in the park and meets a little girl sheltering to avoid moving to Perth with her family and away from her friends.

Real Friends, Part 2

Episode 40

Poss forgets to relay a message to her Dad about a recording session. When she finally remembers it is too late, or is it? A power failure delays the session and Ted makes it just in time.

Lost, Part 1

Episode 41

Paul sees a bird that he thinks is an Ibis. He is determined to track it down. With help from the Aboriginal craftsman, Windaru, Paul learns about Ibis and their habits and, with Max and EC, Paul finds where the Ibis are nesting.

Lost, Part 2

Episode 42

Kim and Poss are making a video project about the city. They meet Murlo the magician who is looking for something he's lost. The magician's spells all seem to go wrong. But with help from EC, Kim and Poss, a lost dog is returned to its owner.

Funday, Part 1

Episode 43

Poss and Kim are being unusually helpful at home because tomorrow, after school, they have tickets to the funpark. Max and Paul, to keep an eye on the girls, go along dressed as Count Dracula and a skeleton.

Funday, Part 2

Episode 44

Paul and Max go to the Polly Woodside, a fully restored iron barge, and accidentally break an old lamp. They set about finding a replacement before Mrs. Foster discovers the damage.

No Entry, Part 1

Episode 45

Max, Paul and Kim find an old black and white movie camera. Lotis takes them back to the 1920's and they star in a silent movie. It's funny but even EC starts to look a bit like Charlie Chaplin.

No Entry, Part 2

Episode 46

Poss and Kim seek to make new friends at school. Sally, Janine and Gia trick Poss into wearing her pyjamas to school. The teacher helps Poss understand that real friends don't make you pass tests, they accept you for yourself.

Wanting, Part 1

Episode 47

Ted and Nipper, Poss and Kim go on a fishing trip. While Ted tries to catch fish, the kids meet Mary, a painter who lives in the bush. Nipper is amazed to learn there is "no ice cream, no TV". Back home, Nipper and Poss decide to sleep on the balcony under the stars, like Mary.

Wanting, Part 2

Episode 48

Max wants a bike of his own, but his parents can't afford it. The other kids, with help from Snap and Turbo, build a bike out of old and recycled parts. Max is thrilled when the kids surprise him with their present.

Threads, Part 1

Episode 49

Turbo returns from overseas with a poncho, a gift from a girl. While fixing a Merry-go-round it catches and unravels. Max feels left out as everyone fusses over Turbo. He then realises how upset Turbo is and suggests they all work together and make Turbo a new poncho.

Threads, Part 2

Episode 50

Poss buys a new scrunchy for her hair and then loses it at school. The scrunchy is found and after being used in many unusual situations is spotted by Nipper who returns it to its rightful owner.

All Together Now, Part 1

Episode 51

Nipper hurts his knee playing in a vacant lot. The kids decide to clean up the lot and turn it into a proper playground. The Council approves their plans, and everyone rallies to help. After lots of hard work, the playground is wonderful fun.

All Together Now, Part 2

Episode 52

Kim is chosen to write her own song and sing it at the school concert. At first she is excited and confident but then she gets nervous when everyone seems to be expecting so much of her. But Kim gets help from all the other kids, and the concert is a great success.

Brand New, Part 1

Episode 53

The Ponti's arrive just in time for Marco to help Nipper learn to rollerblade.

Brand New, Part 2

Episode 54

Friendships are tested when Aku and Marco start rival gangs.

Under Pressure, Part 1

Episode 55

Terry the Tortoise helps Nipper come out of his shell and deliver his talk to the class.

Under Pressure, Part 2

Episode 56

Kim would do anything to be the Princess in the school play, even trade EC.

What's Missing, Part 1

Episode 57

Max's luck has run out so he returns for his lucky charm but Mr. Fish is in the way.

What's Missing, Part 2

Episode 58

Aku misses her mum and takes it out on dad.

My World, Part 1

Episode 59

When Gran does canteen duty at school, Poss is convinced her world will fall apart.

My World, Part 2

Episode 60

Annie and Raph sneak off and find themselves in "Italy".

Would I Lie, Part 1

Episode 61

Marco and Aku realise "little lies grow out of control".

Would I Lie, Part 2

Episode 62

Raph goes to great lengths - and heights - to prove he can keep a secret.

Give and Take, Part 1

Episode 63

Cousin Pirili arrives in time to help Aku solve her pumpkin problems.

Give and Take, Part 2

Episode 64

Aunt Joyce's exhibition is almost ruined when Pirili hides one of her paintings.

Far Out, Part 1

Episode 65

Raph wants to catch an eclipse while Marco wants to miss the dentist.

Far Out, Part 2

Episode 66

Annie finds the cow that jumped over the moon so Kim and Aku build a rocket to send it back.

Out of This World, Part 1

Episode 67

Aku's goldfish Herbie is gone but not forgotten when he returns to haunt the plumbing.

Out of This World, Part 2

Episode 68

The contents of a mysterious crate set imaginations running wild.

Shape I'm In, Part 1

Episode 69

Nipper is worried about Gran's health, until he spends a day trying to keep up with her.

Shape I'm In, Part 2

Episode 70

Nipper pretends to be sick to get a day off school and Poss isn't happy about it.

Heroes, Part 1

Episode 71

Marco faces his fear of lightning when he has to baby-sit Raph and Mr. Fish.

Heroes, Part 2

Episode 72

Nipper is jealous of Marco because his dad is a fire fighter.

In Your Shoes, Part 1

Episode 73

Nipper and Poss become adults for the day when they swap places with Ted and Jenny.

In Your Shoes, Part 2

Episode 74

Poss thinks Kim's new running shoes are the reason she wins races.

Not Alone, Part 1

Episode 75

When Marco and Aku fight over EC, Marco makes his own doll.

Not Alone, Part 2

Episode 76

Poss finds a message in a bottle that leads her to the hospital.

From Where I Stand, Part 1

Episode 77

Aku and Nipper won't let Annie into their new cubby until she stops biting them.

From Where I Stand, Part 2

Episode 78

Mr. Fish learns what it is to be a child again, with a little help from EC.