Produced by Dunlopedia Productions

Creators/Writers: Emma Myers, Angus Thompson, Nina Oyama
Directors: Madeleine Gottlieb, Alistair Baldwin
Producers: Hannah Ngo, Liam Heyen

Aired: December 03, 2022 (SBS Viceland)

Frank and Sarah, two strangers with cerebral palsy, become entrenched in each other's dysfunctional lives after witnessing their able bodied friends in an awkward situation at a bar.
Hannah DivineySarah
Angus ThompsonFrank
Patrick JhanurElliot
Miriama SmithBrandi
Tracy MannDeb
Emily HaveaSofia
Tom WilsonJackson
Liam GreinkeTroy
Brittany SantarigaGeorgia
Piper BrownEmma
J'ziyah FoakeniNina
Amy KerseyJen
cast photo