Last Man Standing: characters

Cameron Kennedy (played by Matt Passmore)

Matt Passmore

With charisma to burn, 30-year-old Cameron is used to getting his own way. Not that he’s a spoilt brat, far from it. The laconic Cameron is as easygoing as they come. He’s not Hollywood gorgeous, but then he doesn’t have to be. Spontaneous, charming, flirtatious without being sleazy—he’s even able to pick up ‘the ladies’ in a fashion that doesn’t make Adam and Bruno sick to the stomach (though they’ll happily analyse and pick over his technique ‘til the cows come home). Which is lucky for Adam and Bruno, seeing as how Cameron loves women. Adores them in fact. He likes thinking about them, lying next to them, talking to them, touching their hair—he even respects that weird shoe-thing they’ve got going on. ain problem for Cameron is that he’s married to one of them. Or was.

And it’s not that Cameron didn’t enjoy being married. He loved it. But let’s face it, he’s a guy with a lot of love to give. And wife Zoe couldn’t exactly appreciate the ‘share’ factor when she caught Cameron with that cute girl who made their flat whites at the local café. And the kindergarten teacher who lived around the corner. And that red-head who hired Cameron to trim her box hedges.

Cameron, naturally, was shattered when Zoe threw him out. But he adjusted—he always does. Cameron is an eternal optimist who lives life to the hilt. Bruno points out that of course Cameron enjoys life—he’s had regular sex in a variety of positions since he was 17. But Cameron insists he doesn’t play women for fools: he’s genuinely attentive and responsive to their needs. Women know what they’re in for with him: he never pretends to be something that he’s not, ie: faithful. That’s what they’re attracted to. That, and the size of his tackle.

But underneath all the raffish charm and anything-goes attitude, Cameron is awash with doubt. Maybe by losing Zoe he’s lost his only chance at stability. Maybe he doesn’t want stability. But what if he can’t cruise by on his looks forever? But what if he can? There’s something terribly appealing about a lifetime as a playboy; no responsibilities and no commitments. Cameron’s not lonely now. But he has a vague concern that one day he might be.

Cameron’s a landscape gardener who enjoys physical labour—but he’s not without ambitions. He has a creative and mischievous streak and excels in human contact. He thinks he’s the alpha male of the group. He occasionally needs to assert himself by light-heartedly putting down his mates, but is quietly and determinedly reliant on the stability of his long-lasting friendships. For someone who has had a hand in more than one relationship break-up (he met Adam and Bruno in high school after sleeping with both their girlfriends), he’s got a surprisingly strong set of personal beliefs and can occasionally be dogmatic in his views.