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Episode 5

Fri, March 10, 2023 (Paramount+)
Written by Alastair Newton Brown
Directed by Grant Brown

In the wake of Nasa Kalouri's murder, a fracture grows between the two Ibrahim brothers as one spirals into ritual cocaine abuse and the other has their alliances tested.

Note: the tv show John is watching is the 1992 Australian comedy Late for School. In the clip are Sarah Chadwick, Ross Higgins, Matt Newton and Melissa Thomas.


  • Lincoln Younes as John Ibrahim
  • Claude Jabbour as Sam Ibrahim
  • Callan Mulvey as Brian Crellan
  • Matt Nable as Big Tony
  • Tim Roth as Ezra Shipman
  • Tess Haubrich as Detective Liz Doyle
  • Uli Latukefu as Tongan Sam
  • Maria Tran as Tran Cat Tien
  • Damian Walshe-Howling as Joey Romano
  • Justin Rosniak as Detective Declan Mooney
  • Scott Lee as Detective Luke O'Neill
  • Christopher Stollery as Inspector Doug Kemp
  • Will McNeill as Dave Campbell
  • John Brumpton as Ashtray Frank Amante
  • Simon Elrahi as PK
  • Dylan Hare as Anton
  • Dion Williams as JT
  • Heidi May as Steph
  • Hoa Xuande as Romeo
  • Kevin Khan as Ahn Tien
  • Sonny Le as Hung
  • Andrew Attieh as Waali Mansour
  • Felicity Price as Yael Shipman
  • Yassica Switakowski as Demi
  • James Biasetto as Officer Thompson
  • Wassam Hawat as Skinny Steve
  • Tom Wilson as Mullet
  • Janet Anderson as Simone
  • Sam Cluff as Brothel Receptionist
  • Lauren Johnson as Bashed Hooker
  • Richard Galea as Commando Nick
  • Charles An as Mr Puck
  • Viliami Otuafi as Karate Steve
  • Frederico Star as Levi
  • Wadih Dona as Nasa Kalouri
  • Jerry Retford as Boris
  • 1Buck80 as Spruiker #1 [Buck]
  • Greg Hatton as Warren Duffy
  • Robin Wilson as Tunnel Doorman
  • Helen Chebatte as Arianna Kalouri


  • "Just About To Break" performed by Paul Kelly