The Adventures of Lano & Woodley: episode guide

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The Girlfriend

Episode 1.01
Australia: September 01, 1997
UK: September 10, 1999
Directed by Bob Spiers

Colin invents an imaginary girlfriend to avoid admitting to Frank that he too is a virgin.

With: Shanyn Asmar as TMBGITW, Bobby Bright, Eric McPhan, Michael Roland, Sophie Chan

One Simple Task

Episode 1.02
Australia: September 08, 1997
Directed by Mandy Smith

With Colin threatening to walk out, Frank suggests a vacation to rebuild their friendship but when he forgets to book a caravan, he fakes an illness to avoid admitting his error. Frank rescue's Colin from a gang.

With: Louise Siversen as Doctor, Jim Daly as Shopkeeper, Wayne Hope as Gang leader, Chris Bidle, Paul Tiewes, Will Deumer, Tom Hutchings


Episode 1.03
Australia: September 15, 1997
Directed by Bob Spiers

Col decides that he and Frank should audition for the TV talent show StarQuest… now they just need to work on their act and hope their performance goes well, so long as they can make it to the studio after Frank locks the car keys in the apartment. Will the boys become famous? Of course, but for all the wrong reasons.

With: Leverne McDonnell as Producer, Matthew King, Bradley Croft, Bob Franklin as Gary, Belinda McClory as Cathy, John Brumpton, Wilhelmina Stracke as Lizzie

Tonight You Die

Episode 1.04
Australia: September 22, 1997
Directed by Mandy Smith

It's Friday the 13th and Frank refuses to leave the house. To help him over come his fears, Colin suggest they watch some scary movies. Already spooked by the movie, a threatening phone call keeps the boys on edge.

With: Max Fairchild as Mr. Mannix, Richie Akers as Video shop guy, William Gluth as Mitchell, Jo Pearson as Newsreader, Geoff Wallis as Reporter, Aidan Fennessy as Mannix's Assistant

The Wall

Episode 1.05
Australia: September 29, 1997
Directed by Mandy Smith

Col suggest a party to help cheer up Frank who is upset that with February approaching, he will once again miss out on his birthday on the 29th. Facing eviction, the boys tidy up the flat, but fixing a small hole becomes a growing challenge.

With: William Gluth as Mitchell, Margot Knight as Mitchell's sister, Zoe Bertram as woman at counter, John Murphy, Fred Barker

The Two Men

Episode 1.06
Australia: October 06, 1997
Directed by Mandy Smith

After they lose yet another job, Frank thinks he and Col need to go out for the evening — maybe even meet some girls! But when they become wanted for robbery, having been set up by their dates, the boys must track down the real criminals.

With: Annie Jones as the blonde one, Tania Lacy as the dark one, Neil Pigot as Sgt Pearce, Maria Theodorakis as Constable Abernethy, Margaret Ricketts as customer, Phil Reilley as crim, Wayne Stevens as crim, Gloria Ajenstat as female driver, Graham Jahne as Male driver, Alfred Nicdao as customer