A Porchlight Films production

Creators: Marieke Hardy and Kirsty Fisher
Executive Producers: Debbie Lee, Vincent Sheehan
Co-Producers: Marieke Hardy, Kirsty Fisher, Linda Micsko
Producer: Liz Watts
Writers: Marieke Hardy, Kirsty Fisher
Directors: Trent O'Donnell, Abe Forsythe

Airing: February 09, 2011... (ABC)

This black comedy follows the trials and tribulations of Roo McVie — a 29-year-old market researcher and good time girl-about-town who shares a flat with her best friend EJ, and whose former lovers start dying in strange and unexpected circumstances. Completely freaked out by the fact that so many of her ex-boyfriends are suddenly dying, Roo and EJ embark on an investigation inspired by gritty American police dramas. They assemble a chart of headshots of the victims, noting names, sexual practices and other forensic details in a quest to find a pattern and stop the litany of deaths.
Alison BellRoo McVie
Celia PacquolaEJ
Toby TrusloveZach
Abe ForsytheCharlie
Graeme BlundellGraham
Damon HerrimanMarcus
Shaun MicallefG-Bomb
Tracy MannMarion
Deborah KennedyJan
Justin RosniakJohnny

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