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Kylie craves Kath role

KYLIE Minogue is keen to return to her bogan roots, angling for a cameo in the next series of suburban comedy hit Kath and Kim.

Minogue is a huge fan of the series and has been peppering her conversations with Kath and Kim-isms like "that's ny-ioce, that's different, that's un-ewes-yewl" for months.

"I would love a cameo in the next series," the ex- star said.

"I absolutely love the show. I'm a bit behind you guys, I've only just seen the start of series two, but the outtakes on the DVD are priceless."

Minogue even sports foxy merchandise around the house. "I've got the Kath and Kim apron, but I'm a bit jealous because Dannii has got the (oven) mitts as well."

Speaking to the yesterday, Kim Craig, nee Day, was rapt.

"Oh look, Kylie would fit in beautifully. In fact, there's a two-bedroom house available in Lagoon Court right now."

By Cameron Adams
January 17, 2004
The Herald Sun

IT looks a lot loike Kath and Kim have a new friend in Kylie Minogue—and the three couldn’t be better matched.

Going against everything she has worked towards for the past 20 years, Minogue looks set to return to the ‘80s, the frizzyball of a Charlene Robinson she once was, with a tizzy do to make Kimmy proud.

After first requesting a gig on the hit comedy series during her visit home to Australia last Christmas, Minogue repeated her call to join the kitsch capers of Kath and Kim when she appeared on Rove Live last week.

Minogue, who turns 36 today, is believed to have secured her dream gig late last week when she met Gina Riley and Jane Turner.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether Kylie will make her featured guest appearance in the new series as a member of the Day-Knight family, as Kimmy’s third best friend next to Sharon (Magda Szubanski), or even as a member of Shazza’s winning netball side. Kylie’s cameo follows the heavily-hyped, nanosecond appearance she made on Queer Eye For the Straight Guy this year.

Here’s hoping she at least utters a “Moi” or two.

A spokeswoman for the series had no information on Kylie’s appearance—for the past six months.

May 26, 2004
The Daily Telegraph