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Kath and Kim steal hearts

WHEN Kath Day tells her daughter Kim to "look at moiye", it seems the whole nation listens.

After eight weeks, the first series of the ABC sitcom Kath and Kim comes to an end tonight with a wedding that will rival that of Scott and Charlene from soapie Neighbours.

Created by Gina Riley and Jane Turner, the show has captured the imagination of the country, beaten in the ratings only by the ER juggernaut.

Kath and Kim-speak dominates dinner parties and office talk, the favourite being the timeless "look at moiye" phrase.

Gina Riley, otherwise known as the moody Kim, said people often mimicked the characters to her.

"It's quite amazing," she said. "I thought it was just Jane and I, but everybody is doing it."

Riley said the "look at moiye" phrase was something mothers from all social backgrounds could relate to.

Riley's favourite is "that's nice, that's different, that's unusual", which is said between the girls at least once a show.

Riley said Kim was looking forward to tonight's wedding.

"Kim always likes to frock up and look hornier than she already does; it's a given," she said of her alter ego.

Kath and Kim nearly did not happen three days before production was due to start the ABC pulled the plug. Turner and Riley were not told why and never found out.

The duo ended up finding support in the ABC drama department instead of the comedy department and filming started last November.

The two co-creators always believed in the series and never gave up.

"We always believed in it, but never in our wildest dreams did we think people would pick it up like this," Riley said.

"Having been around for a long time and taking one of the biggest risks we've ever taken in our careers, it's great it's paid off."

There have been no firm talks yet, but Riley said the duo were keen to do another series.

The show was filmed in Patterson Lakes and the shopping centre scenes at Southland.

As with any TV wedding, Kath's wedding to Kel does not go smoothly and there are some unexpected surprises.

By Luke Dennehy
July 04, 2002
Herald Sun