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Kath & Kim IV?

Kath and Kim creators Gina Riley and Jane Turner are believed to be in negotiations for a fourth instalment of the award-winning comedy.

An industry source confirmed the comediennes, who returned from a promotional tour of the United Kingdom last week, were working on a new Kath and Kim script.

But the source would not say whether that would be a series or a telemovie, nor whether the crazy gals from Fountain Lakes would be returning to the ABC.

"Gina and Jane have started writing again," the source said.

"But they are yet to decide whether they write a series or a telemovie or a special, for example."

The source said the pair had been talking to the ABC, and one of the commercial networks had also entered discussions.

"They've had discussions with the ABC and are undecided as to where it will go," the source said.

"They've received a monumental offer from one of the commercial networks.

"And that goes into the pot then as to what's the best thing for Kath and Kim, what's going to see us make the best product."

Comment is being sought from commercial networks. The ABC declined to comment.

The source said the comedic duo were expected to make a decision soon.

"They simmer for a while and once they actually decide on the path they're taking they tend to nail it pretty quickly," he said.

"Once they actually lock down the key idea, the dialogue tends to come out of them pretty quickly."

The first three series of Kath and Kim were a massive hit for the ABC, attracting about two million viewers per episode and becoming one of its most popular programs.

The first series focused on Kath's wedding while the second revolved around the birth of Kim's first child, Epponnee Rae, who as an adult was played by Kylie Minogue.

The third series focused on Kim settling into life as a suburban mother.

A number of special guests have popped up throughout the series including Rachel Griffiths and Geoffrey Rush.

The first three series have been sold around the world to countries including Britain, the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Hungary and Fiji.

Kath and Kim began screening on British television earlier this years, to rave reviews.

The series has also been carried on a small cable network in the US, and was recently picked up by the American Sundance channel for broadcast to an estimated 25 million homes from December.

July 5, 2005