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Barry Humphries with cast

Lounging about: Magda Szubanski (Sharon Strzelecki), Peter Rowsthorn (Brett Craig), Gina Riley (Kim Craig nee Day), Barry Humphries, Jane Turner (Kath Day-Knight) and Glenn Robbins (Kel Knight) in Kath and Kel's lounge room.

Baz captivated by Kath & Kim

SORRY, possums, but one of Australian showbiz’s greatest partnerships is under threat.

Barry Humphries has two new women in his life - and Dame Edna isn’t one of them.

Humphries has been captivated by those Fountain Lakes vixens Kath and Kim and will star in their new telemovie to screen on ABC TV this year.

“I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be a part of the telemovie,” Humphries told the Herald Sun yesterday, during a break in filming at Patterson Lakes.

“From the minute I first saw an episode of Kath and Kim I thought it was genius, so to be invited to be on the show is, of course, terrific.

“I take my DVDs of the show with me and watch it all around the world.”

Humphries heads the list of big names who have signed on for the telemovie, including international singing star Michael Buble.

Creator/writers of the show Gina Riley and Jane Turner created a new character for Humphries for the telemovie.

“He’s not anyone I’ve played before,” said Humphries.

“Let’s just say I’m a mystery man who comes into the lives of these two incredible women. It’s a very funny character role, which Gina and Jane invented for me.

“It’s a most imaginative idea, and it’s based on a very clever, satirical concept. These two girls are so very tuned in, I tell you. So talented.”

Over the years Humphries has delighted audiences around the world with such memorable characters as Dame Edna, union boss Lance Boyle, and the forever-spitting politician Sir Les Patterson.

He has also given us the ghost of old Australia, Sandy Stone, and failed-and-jailed 1980s Perth tycoon Darryl Dalkeith.

Snaring Humphries to play a new character in the film is a coup for Riley and Turner.

“It’s just awesome to have Barry involved in the project. We feel so privileged,” Riley said.

Turner said she couldn’t believe it when Humphries agreed to sign on for the film.

“You have this dream and you never imagine it will happen, but it has. He is simply wonderful,” she said.

But as much as the women are excited to have the Aussie showbusiness legend aboard, it is Humphries who professes to being the “honoured and the lucky one” to be allowed to be a part of it all.

“This show is so witty and sophisticated and so wonderfully observant,” he said.

“It’s in touch with real people and real situations and it’s also performed by two marvellous actresses.

“There aren’t too many people with such a comic gift.”

The lounge room of Kath and Kel’s home was crowded yesterday with actors and crew as Humphries joined Kath, Brett, Sharon, Kim and Kel to film some of the film’s major scenes.

Everyone was on a high. “He’s been such an idol of mine, I’ve always dreamed of working with him,” said Peter Rowsthorn, who plays Kim’s hubby Brett.

“It’s hard to believe it’s really happening.”

By Robert Fidgeon
October 01, 2005
THe Herald Sun