John Safran vs God: episode guide

Episode 1

August 30, 2004

How difficult is it to get a fatwa placed on someone? John travels to the UK Shariah court to find out—and he chooses an unlikely Australian rival as his proposed fatwa-ee. Next John takes a spirit walk in Arizona with the Peyote Way Church of God, and ingests the sacred Peyote drug in an attempt at divine insights into the universe. And what would be of our favourite Channel 9 shows if Jamie Packer was to become a practising scientologist?

Episode 2

September 06, 2004

John enlists the help of some indigenous Australians to broker a land rights deal with some well-intentioned Melbournians. Next, while travelling in Japan, John is confronted with a koan and attempts to "become nothingness" at a zen Buddhist monestery. Finally, back in Melbourne, John asks a local Freemason, “is Freemasonry linked with Satanism?”—and is shocked by what he finds.

Episode 3

September 13, 2004

Can a Jew join the Ku Klux Klan? John travels to Orange County, California to meet the KKK Grand Dragon—and puts forward a convincing case. Back in Melbourne, local Catholic priest Bob Maguire introduces John to the principals of Catholicism Father Bob style. Finally, John muses on his automatic right to Israeli citizenship and offers to share this citizenship with some of his Palestinian friends. But there’s a catch…

Episode 4

September 20, 2004

John learns about a blossoming new cinema niche market, Mormon Films. So he travels to Mormon heartland, Salt Lake City to get a piece of the action. Next, he and his crew travel to political hot spot Haiti and get caught in the cross-fire while John participates in the day of the dead vodou ceremony. Then, In L.A., John shoots the breeze about political issues with a gun-totin' rabbi.

Episode 5

September 27, 2004

John journeys to Sicily to meet with a priest, Father Pino, to whom John has something to confess. Back in Salt Lake City, John exacts his revenge on Mormon door-knockers and then flies to India in search of a spiritual guru.

Episode 6

October 04, 2004

John auditions for the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir and will his rendition of "Amazing Grace" make the grade? John then tries to broker a peace deal between prominent Australian Palestinian and Israeli activists using an unlikely Australian celebrity. Spurned on by rumours of vampires within the Republic of Malawi's parliament, John goes looking for vampires among Australian politicians.

Episode 7

October 11, 2004

John, encouraged by Australian soccer legend Johnny Warren, travels to Mozambique to life the thirty-year curse on the Australian soccer team but will he succeed? In Salt Lake City, John uncovers the secrets of Mormon magic underpants before heading to Sydney to meet an expert mathematician to ask if the Bible predicted the events of September 11.

Episode 8

October 18, 2004

In the final episode, John faces his demons, undergoing a Christian exorcism by preacher Bob Larson.