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Don't Look Back

Episode 2.01
Tuesday February 22, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

Dave turns paranoid when Di tells him that an unauthorised biography is being written about him. The book will include the usual stories of backstage tantrums tears but Dave is more worried about one little detail in the author's juicy prop for the book — a strange rumour about a bizarre sex act involving Dave... and a gum boot. Dave and Di move heaven and earth to stop the tell-all book from happening and to make sure that this 'gum boot" rumour doesn't start to spread and turn him into another Richard Gere - although it may already be too late. Meanwhile, Steve loves the publicity he gets after a recent very public fling with a famous American actress. However, he doesn't enjoy it when an internet list leaks out with her 'sex ratings' of all of her former partners, giving 'Aussie Funny Guy' 2.3 out of 10. Steve insists that this is a different "Aussie Funny Guy" but can he get anyone to believe him? And Tony is frantically trying to write a new theme song for the show. As he showcases his various efforts, the Jesters are torn between loyalty to the team and Julia's limitless audience research.

Starring: Mick Molloy, Emily Taheny, Ben Guerens, Christian Barratt-Hill, Andrew Ryan, Travis Cotton, Suzie Proter, Deborah Kennedy

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Graeme Blundell as Himself, Merrick Watts as Himself, Wil Anderson as Himself; Suzannah McDonald as Suzannah, Jane Harders as Aunty Jane, Genevieve Moy as Elaine, Dave Gibson as Ernie, Petra Yared as Mickey, Cameron Knight as Pete, Olivia Brown as Female Patron

The Fallout

Episode 2.02
Tuesday March 01, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

The Jesters become national pariahs when they air a sketch called "Kids Make Anything Cute" which involves a seven-year-old child dressed as Hitler giving a very cute Nuremburg rally speech to a group of other children dressed as Nazis. The sketch becomes a national and then international lightening rod for moral outrage. Everyone's head is on the chopping block. Who authorised the sketch? How did it get that far? Should The Jesters be cancelled? These are all questions the talkback callers and even the Prime Minister are now asking and that Julia has to scramble to invent answers for. As this unfolds, Dave is asked to do a guest appearance on the TV doco, Australian Story. Barry Otto is the subject and Dave is to be filmed having lunch with him, but Barry has another agenda. Meanwhile, Tony's cousin, a schoolgirl, spends the week doing work experience with The Jesters, asking questions that make them all slightly uncomfortable.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Steve Vizard as Himself, Barry Otto as Himself, Bill Kerr as Himself, Ross Noble as Himself, Glenn Robbins as Himself; Xenia Goodwin as Bec, Janine Wright as Mother, Louis Alexander as Child [Tim], Suzannah McDonald as Suzannah, Richard Glover as Radio Host, Ray Hadley as Radio Host, Dave Gibon as Voice, Pamela Swain as Voice, Angus Fitzsimons as Voice

A Bit On The Side

Episode 2.03
Tuesday March 08, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

With Tony absent on a Monty Python musical tour, The Jesters bring in an old Uni friend to be the temporary fill-in Jester. When the 5th Jester turns out to be incredibly funny, charming and talented, Steve finds himself in the irritating new and threatening position of being everyone's second favourite Jester. And unbeknown to the Jesters, Dave has started submitting freelance material under a false name — but will Steve use it in the show? Meanwhile, Dave has scored a coup for his chat show "Remembering"; George Clooney has agreed to appear. However, Dave soon learns that it's not a lot of fun dealing with the advance people for a major star and the restrictions they place upon the interview - let alone having the star-struck Julia, Kat and Di all behaving like giggling schoolgirls as they try to meet Mr Clooney. Michael starts writing a newspaper opinion column which proves to be a lot harder than he thought — even with Zak's help. And Steve is not enjoying his first outside Jesters venture — hosting a comedy blooper clip show called Boob Tube.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Jeff Stilson as Scott, Matt Doran as Alex, Suzannah McDonald as Suzannah, Peter Egner as Max's Writer, Ian McPhee as Gaffer

The Reunion

Episode 2.04
Tuesday March 15, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

Nostalgia and possible huge ratings are in the air with "The Dave Davies Show Reunion". After 20 years, the original gang are getting together for a one-off live special featuring all Dave's beloved comedy characters from yester-year (except for his old Indian character, Rammadamma-big-dong.) Behind the scenes, it's just like old times, which is not a good thing with old wounds opening up between the old team. To make matters worse, Dave insists on reprising his camp flight attendant character, despite protests from a gay rights activist. Meanwhile, Zak is asked to be the cover boy for gay magazine "The Advocate", to the astonishment of Steve who thinks that if anyone is naturally attractive to gay men, it's him. Steve decides to do whatever it takes to become a gay pin-up and stop Zak from becoming a gay icon. And Michael's new serious girlfriend is causing her own set of troubles for The Jesters; quickly becoming nicknamed 'Yoko'.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Peter Rowsthorn as Kenny, Helen O'Connor as Bonnie, Dave Gibson as Ernie, Barry Crocker as Himself, Alice Parkinson as Lindsay, Phil Scott as Toby Linville, Scott Brennan as Sandy The Reporter


Episode 2.05
Tuesday March 22, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

The Jesters have taken up a lucrative offer to do their own live stage version of The Jesters. The boys all find there's a whole new list of things to argue and fight about when you've only got one take in front of a huge, live, paying audience. Julia offers to broadcast one of the Jesters' stage shows as part of her desperate scramble to find content for the network's brand new digital channel "Yeah!". Zak receives another visit from Agent Smith, this time asking Zak to start a conspiracy that could help the US Government. And Michael is being sued for defamation for a sketch he performed about a politician. Meanwhile, Dave is delighted to be back playing Wally Nongan in the feature film 'Gum Tree', now being directed by Baz Luhrmann. But Dave is not so delighted when he finds the new draft of the script involves him in a rather explicit sex scene.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Nicholas Hammond as Agent Smith, Brandon Burke as Kirk The Lawyer, David Roberts as Himself, Jonathan Coleman as Himself, Suzannah McDonald as Suzannah, Rachel Magi as Blonde Mistress, Paul Spargo as Car Park Voice

Weekend At Davies

Episode 2.06
Tuesday March 29, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

Dave has invited the Jesters, Di, Kat, Julia to spend the weekend at his farm. The weekend doesn't start well, with Tony being hit by an errant golf ball. And Michael is thrown when he reads an internal network marketing research report which shows he is the least popular and least recognised of all the Jesters The evening's dinner, prepared by Di, turns into a boozy and dangerously frank affair. Kat and her new boyfriend make Steve see green. Michael has a melt-down and a good spray at Steve and all his colleagues. Julia has a little too much to drink and starts outrageously flirting with Zak; who is not sure whether she is joking. All this is witnessed by Dave's party guest, Kerri Anne Kennerley, who doesn't escape unscathed. There will be tears before bedtime — and beyond.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Kerri-Anne Kennerley as Herself, Phillip Adams as Himself, Matt Doran as Alex


Episode 2.07
Tuesday April 05, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

A Jesters rip-off show — "Stunted" — featuring a new group of comics and celebrities has started on another network and the gang find themselves in the awkward position of being on the receiving end of pranks and stunts from their new rivals. Michael is appearing on Dancing with the Stars, something he agreed to do "for charity" but now finds that he is increasingly enjoying. As support for him grows he becomes more and more obsessed with winning. However, he is shocked to read some nasty comments about him on internet blogs and sets about to remedy this situation and "restore balance" by blogging under various fake names. But starting a blog and twitter war may not be the best idea from someone in the public eye. Meanwhile, Steve is attending rehearsals of his new play but finds he doesn't enjoy dealing with temperamental, difficult performers instead of being one.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; Jonathan Biggins as Rupert, Barry Crocker as Himself, Dicko as Himself, Chas Licciardello as Himself, Ross Noble as Himself, Mikey Robbins as Himself, Brooke Satchwell as Herself, Toby Schmitz as Himself, Jeremy Sims as Himself, Henri Szeps as Himself, Suzannah McDonald as Suzannah, Emma Bottomley as Waitress, Bel Delia as Reporter, Shirley Alexander as Bookshop Patron, Eliza Campagna as Chantelle, Harry Cameron as Passerby, Michael Anderson as Voice, Angus Fitzsimmons as Voice

Go For Gold

Episode 2.08
Tuesday April 12, 2011
Written by Angus Fitzsimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Angus Fitzsimons

There is tension in the air as Dave and Steve are both nominated for the Gold Logie. With the end of the season drawing nigh, Michael is representing the team in contract and pay negotiations with the network, and he and Julia become involved in an increasingly vicious game of bargaining, threats and double bluff that continues through Logies night. Michael also fields other offers, including one to join Hamish or Andy as a sidekick. Michael enjoys using the offers as a bargaining chip — but is he using them or are they using him? Dave is surprised and hurt when Di announces her intention to retire and sets about trying to make her change her mind. Di wants her final deal for Dave to be a triumph. She plans to sell his hugely successful 'Remembering' chat show to the highest bidder — whether Dave wants to or not. Kat is surprised when Steve makes a serious pitch to her for them to have a try at a proper relationship. Now Kat has to decide between her job, Steve and Dave. Meanwhile, the feature film Gum Tree has its international premiere on Logies Night and Dave has to decide whether or not read or believe the previews. It's right down to the wire as everyone goes for gold on Logies night.

Guest Starring: Danny Adcock as Bob; David Roberts as Himself, Jeremy Sims as Himself, Ian Turpie as Himself, Lisa Wilkinson as Herself, Karl Stefanovic as Himself, Adam Ray as Martin, Darren Casey as Paul, Kim Lewis as And Andy's Agent, Daniel Cordeaux as Hamish's Agent, Melanie Vallejo as Mel, Dave Gibson as Voice, Pia Miranda as Voice