Jar Dwellers SOS: episode guide

New Territory

Episode 1

Sophie and David are bewildered by an argument that sees Ooble, Crunch and Barka risk all for a plot of their own.

Hide 'n' Seek

Episode 2

The Jar Dwellers use new SOS camouflage skills to escape to the school's Halloween Fair.

Next Trick

Episode 3

Sophie talks David into using his magic skills to return the Jar Dwellers to their homelands.

Junk Food Jumble

Episode 4

Chang's deep-fried pizzas cause mutations in the Jar Dwellers that Sophie can't work out.

Wooly Yarn

Episode 5

Sophie's plan to study the Jar Dwellers winter growth nearly comes unstuck at the ice skating rink.

Water Logged

Episode 6

Sophie's cure for Barka's itchy skin sees him survive the river, rapids, and a working saw mill.

Arty and Craftier

Episode 7

Sophie takes credit for the reactions to David and the Jar Dwellers' abstract entry to the Art Show.

Well Well Well

Episode 8

The lure of Silly Sausage in 3D has the Jar Dwellers risking all for snacks and a night of laughs.

Baby Barka

Episode 9

In a classic mix up, Barka believes a bonsai is his cloned child until Ooble breaks the bad news.

Empty Nesters

Episode 10

A camping trip to cure Barka's sleepwalking goes awry when he is inhabited by a colony of birds.

Night of the Living Dread

Episode 11

Sophie's horror movie night babysitting gig gets undermined by Chang's own horror show.

Three Ring Riceberger

Episode 12

Red noses from an allergy help the Jar Dwellers clown their way to top billing at a traveling circus.

Ooble Takes Flight

Episode 13

Ooble takes advantage of Sophie's Kite-a-thon to realise her dream of flying like a bird.

Who's a Silly Sausage

Episode 14

Crunch loses the Silly Sausage lookalike contest but wins the respect of his hero.

Heat Wave

Episode 15

During a heat wave, Van Riceberger uses water rations and an inflatable pool to flush out the Jar Dwellers.

1001 Crunches

Episode 16

Crunch's insatiable appetite gets him into trouble with Ooble, Barka and Dog Catcher Chang.

Silence of the Glams

Episode 17

A flat out Nurse Chang deals with a flu epidemic and stray tissues as a bout of laryngitis shuts up Ooble.

Professor Chef

Episode 18

Chang's Professor Chef TV Show inspires Ooble to prove to Sophie she can cook to survive.

Lie Detector Test

Episode 19

Sophie uses the Lie Detector Jar Tracker to get to the truth of Ooble's missing boomerang.

Rocketing Home

Episode 20

Van Riceberger's spacecraft rockets the Jar Dwellers to what they think is a new planet.

Pest in Show

Episode 21

Sophie risks the Jar Dwellers when she enters them in Van Riceberger's Pet Show trap.

Spring Clean Fever

Episode 22

A white football releases Ooble's mothering instincts when she mistakes it for her egg.

Shelf Sufficiency

Episode 23

Sophie's master plan to grow their own food backfires when Barka over stimulates the crop.

Fire Drill

Episode 24

David and Sophie's fire drill gets Barka hot under the collar and over conscientious as a Fire Marshall.

Shock Therapy

Episode 25

A cleaning accident sees Van Riceberger come to grips with a personality change.

Chickening Out

Episode 26

Van Riceberger tricks Sophie with an egg nurturing scheme that unleashes Ooble's jealous side.

Brotherly Love

Episode 27

When an old note from the BigBook suggests that Ooble and Crunch may be related, Crunch is delighted but Ooble is mortified.

Filling in the Gaps

Episode 28

Despite Sophie's best intentions, Crunch's stomach reacts violently to her new health diet.

Negative Exposure

Episode 29

David documents Sophie's wild food eating program, but loses his camera containing an image of Ooble that Chang ultimately finds.

Ooble's New Owner

Episode 30

At the local carnival, Ooble hides on the plushee prize shelf but is won by Fontana and taken to her home.

Ooble Pox

Episode 31

Ooble wakes to a bout of pox over her face and body, which has Sophie, David, Crunch and Barka searching for a cure.

Murder in the Dark

Episode 32

Van Riceberger's creates a Frankenstein-esque robot that kidnaps Barka to please its master.

Lightning Tracker

Episode 33

In an episode packed with storm and tempest, Ooble overcomes her deep-seated fear of lightning to thwart Van Riceberger and his lightning powered Jar Tracker.

Life in the Fast Lane

Episode 34

Silly Sausage's Go-Kart Challenge sees David pitted against Van Riceberger's monster Jar Tracker in an all out, no holds barred race for the big prize chest.

A Re-Jarring

Episode 35

In an attempt to cure Crunch of his claustrophobia, Barka and Ooble accidentally re-jar him. Crunch gets stuck inside the glass, panics and escapes to the school grounds where he gets tangled with Chang's washing.

V-Hawk Down

Episode 36

Van Riceberger outdoes himself with the ultimate flying Jar Tracker powered by an electromagnetic field generator.

Sausages of the Caribbean

Episode 37

X marks the spot where the Jar Dwellers discover Van Riceberger's hidden cash and spend it all at the launch of Silly Sausage's new film 'Sausages of the Caribbean'.

A Very Chilli Barka

Episode 38

A heavy snowfall inspires Chang to create a snowman in the image of Van Riceberger. Crunch devours its spicy sausage nose and the fiery reaction sets off a stealth Jar Tracker.

Fangs for the Memory

Episode 39

David builds a set of wooden false teeth for Crunch after his healthy teeth fall out. Van Riceberger finds the choppers and incorporates them into a Jar Tracker that battles with Barka.

Hoop Schemes

Episode 40

In a strange twist, the Jar Dwellers teach David how to survive on the basketball court with their brilliant Hoop Hoop moves.

A Streetcar Named Van Riceberger

Episode 41

Chang gets sprung preparing a secret play as a big birthday surprise for Van Riceberger.

Trans Dental Meditation

Episode 42

The ring of an ancient Chinese bell sends everyone into a trance except David. He uses the bell to outsmart Van Riceberger and Chang until it breaks and unleashes the Octo-Jar Tracker.

Three Little Pegs

Episode 43

The classic Three Little Pigs story triggers a need for the Jar Dwellers to become independent and set up homes on their own.

Blow by Blow

Episode 44

As a protest against Sophie's latest SOS lesson, the Jar Dwellers escape with the help of bizarre bouncing jars they make from Derwent's recipe left on the wall of the well room.


Episode 45

Sophie has a conflict of interest between the creatures and her idol when Nadia St ...


Episode 46

Ooble and Barka envy a hyperactive Crunch and try out his precious jar juice.


Episode 47

Crunch is frightened by his own wall shadow after he lathers wildly from swallowing Silly Sausage's soaps.

Crashitzu Style

Episode 48

Crunch learns the ancient art of Crashitzu in order to defend himself from his natural enemies.

Home Alone

Episode 49

Barka takes charge when Sophie and David leave for their school holidays.


Episode 50

David suspects Sophie's latest SOS dancing lesson is related to the school's masked ball.

Miss Direction

Episode 51

When Van Riceberger modifies Sophie's prizewinning invention into a directional Jar Tracker he gets too close for comfort to David and Barka trapped beneath a rockslide.

Tuna or Not Tuba

Episode 52

Sophie's sousaphone playing gets help from David and the Jar Dwellers to keep her in the school orchestra.