Produced by Screentime
in association with Screen NSW for ABC TV

Executive Producers: Des Monaghan, Greg Haddrick, Carole Sklan, David Ogilvy
Co-producer: Jane Allen
Producer: Lisa Scott
Series Producer: Karl Zwicky
Story Consultant/Associate Producer: Hilary Bonney
Directors: Grant Brown, Peter Andrikidis, Ian Watson
Writers: Greg Haddrick, Jane Allen, Kris Mrksa, Shaun Grant

Airing: 2014, 2016, 2017 (ABC)

A legal/political thriller that is a spin-off of Crownies featuring Marta Dusseldorp reprising her role of Crown Prosecutor Janet King. The series will look at the dilemmas of a contemporary woman who returns to work after a year's maternity leave and is flung into a shocking prosecution that involves layers of intrigue played out at the highest levels of power. Janet King's case leads her through some astounding twists and revelations that impact on her life on every level.
Marta DusseldorpJanet King
Damian Walshe-HowlingOwen Mitchell
Christopher MorrisAndy Campbell
Peter KowitzTony Gillies
Ella Scott LynchErin O'Shaughnessy
Hamish MichaelRichard Stirling
Andrea DemetriadesLina Badir
Aimee PedersenAshleigh Larsson
Vince ColosimoJack Rizzoli
Leah PurcellHeather O'Connor
Anita HeghBianca Grieve
Philip QuastLincoln Priest
Ewen LesliePatrick Boccaro
Aaron JefferySimon Hamilton
Gary SweetRoger Embry

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