Produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond

Creator: Greg Haddric, Samantha Winston, Gregor Jordan
Executive Producers: John Edwards, Dan Edwards, Andy Ryan
Producers: Greg Haddric, Samantha Winston
Writers: tba
Directors: Fiona Banks, Mat King

Airing: 2023 (Nine)

Inspired by actual events, Human Error stars Leeanna Walsman as Detective Holly O’Rourke, head of a homicide team pursuing a seemingly straightforward murder investigation that explodes into a huge criminal conspiracy. With time running out, Holly must battle a string of mistakes made by herself and others before they destroy her family and career.
Leeanna WalsmanDet. Holly O’Rourke
Rahel RomahnDet. Jarred Pine
Stephen PeacockeDylan Mackenzie
Matt DayLuke O'Rourke
Rob CollinsSegt. Gavin Butterfield
Steve BisleyBear O’Rourke
Emily Joy...
Ethan Lwin...
Debra Lawrance...
Daniela Farinacci...
Jane Allsop...
Anthony J Sharpe...

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