Produced by Antichocko Productions / SBS Independent

Producer: Paul Fenech
Writer: Paul Fenech
Director: Paul Fenech

Airing: 2011, 2013 / 2020, 2022 (SBS/7mate)

Housos is the story of Shazza, Dazza, Franky and Kylie — best mates from "the block". Sure, they drink away their problems, they might even have frequent domestic disputes and the occasional altercation with their neighbours, but down on the block it's all for one and one for all. Housos follows the riotously funny, day-to-day adventures of the residents of a fictional housing commission block — Sunnyvale. They battle the cops, they scam Centrelink, they even have the odd threesome, but once down with the crew in the hood then it is "Sunnyvale for life".
Paul FenechFranky Falzoni
Ian TurpieWazza Jones
Jason "Jabba" DavisDazza Smith
Elle DaweShazza Jones
Kiri-Leigh SchmittKylie Horfoot
Vanessa DavisVanessa
Kevin TaumataKev Takamata
Angry AndersonAngry
Maret ArcherBeryl
Andew AusageJunior
Ashley AvciAshley
Renzo BellatoRenzo
Tahir BilgicHabib
David CooperJohno
Mark DuncanCop Mark
Mike DuncanCop Mike
Bill DruryTerry
Nick GodsellSimon
Mohammed HammoudMo
Murray HarmanCop Richard Head
Liz HarperCheree
Jimmy JacksonBig Wheels
Lachlan KelaherLachlan
Amanda KellerChristina Rees
Gregory KingTank
Aaron McTaggartGronk
Arachel MagiSkye
Sabeena ManalisSabeena Falzoni
Stuart RaweReg
Anthony SalameThawyne
Rob ShehadieRocky
Ashur ShimonAbdul
Crystal SullivanCrystal
Melissa TkautzCheree
Gary WhoCop Garry Kock

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