Produced by Accessible Arts Inc, Metro Television Ltd, NSW Film & TV Office, SBS Independent, and Film Australia

Series Concept by: Diana Emry, Gaby Mason and Craig Pearce
Executive Producers: Chris Oliver and Barbara Mariotti
Assosiate Producer and Script Editor: Keith Thompson
Producer: Gaby Mason
Theme Song: "Standing in Your Shoes" (P. Flanagan and M. Armiger)

Produced: 1996, 1998 (12 x 26 min)

House Gang is an energetic and irreverent domestic comedy with a naughty sense of fun. Featuring three remarkable young actors, each with an intellectual disability, it takes an unconventional look at "family" in the 90s. Above all else House Gang celebrates diversity—you don't need to have a disability to be challenged by the problems of modern life. And being "normal" doesn't give us sole rights on love, sex, ambition, or laughter.
Ruth CromerBelindaseries 1, 2
Saxon GrahamTrevseries 1, 2
Chris GreenwoodRobertseries 1, 2
Jocelyn RosenChloe Wilsonseries 1, 2
Chris HaywoodMike Wilsonseries 1, 2
Jeanette CroninJackseries 1
Lynda GibsonJulie Bentleyseries 2
Tracie SammutDonnaseries 2
cast photo

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