Produced by Crawford Productions and Seven Network

Created by: Hector and Dorothy Crawford
Producers: Ian Crawford, Paul Eddy, Paul Karo, Nigel Lovell, David Stevens, Igor Auzins & Don Battye

Aired: October 1964–June 1976

"Homicide was one of the first drama series produced in Australia, and one of its most historically significant and successful. First broadcast in 1964, Homicide ran for 509 episodes until production ceased in 1975, establishing the police drama as a staple of Australian-made TV in the 1960s and 1970s, and revealing an enthusiasm among Australian TV viewers for local programming, of which there had been very little prior to the success of Homicide." - Terry Flew
Starringasappeared in
Lex MitchellDetective Rex Frasereps 1-27
John FeganInspector Jack Connollyeps 1-204
Terry McDermottDetective Sergeant Frank Bronsoneps 1-58
Leonard TealeDetective Sergeant David MacKayeps 27-383, 509
Leslie DaymanDetective Bill Hudsoneps 58-161
George MallabyDetective Peter Barneseps 131-395
Lionel LongDetective Bert Costelloeps 162-210
Alwyn KurtsInspector Colin Foxeps 180, 201-383
Norman YemmDetective Jim Pattersoneps 211-375
Mike PrestonDetective Bob Delaneyeps 334-375
Gary Day Detective Phil Radfordeps 376-509
Charles TingwellInspector Reg Lawsoneps 384-509
John StantonDetective Pat Kellyeps 384-432
Don BarkerDetective Harry Whiteeps 396-509
Dennis GrosvenorDetective Mike Deaganeps 433-509
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