A Westside Films/Day for Night Production produced with the Gibson Group

Created by: George Tosi, Jenni Tosi, Ann Darrouzet
Producers: Ann Darrouzet, Jenni Tosi, Dave Gibson
Writers: David Phillips, Sam Carroll, Kathryn Burnett, Miranda Wilson
Directors: Roger Hodgman, Yvonne Mackay, Marcus Cole, Jeffrey Walker

Aired: 2005 (Nine)

When 14-year-old New Zealander Holly McKenzie arrives in the Australian seaside town of Woolich, her dreams of playing basketball with the RAMS, one of the best junior basketball teams in the district, are quickly shattered. Determined to prove her ability, Holly forms her own team — the OUTLAWS. With basketball as a backdrop, Holly's Heroes is a funny and light hearted exploration of being the new kid on the block, the importance of friendship, the value of teamwork, first love, and the rewards that come from participation and the simple love of sport. Holly learns that the feeling of belonging she achieves with her team is far more important than simply winning. (26 x 24min)
Dominique CrawfordHolly McKenzie
Kane McNayNick Fraser
Greta LarkinsJacinta Peterson
Michael HarrisonJohnno Walsh
Jared DaperisRalph Owen
Jessie JacobsEmily Walsh
Ben SchumannFranco Galluza
Nick CollaJoel Peterson
Virginia RyanTrish Jenkins
Stephany AvilaEleanor Scubinski
cast photo
cast photo

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