Halifax f.p: episode guide

Executive Producers: Mikael Borglund and Kris Noble
Producers: Roger Simpson, Roger Le Mesurier, and Terry Jennings

Deja Vu (#10)

Written by Susan Hore
Directed by Paul Moloney
Australia: October 19, 1997
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Guy Pearce as Daniel/Richard Viney
  • Ross Williams as Abe Levin
  • Travis McMahon as Matthew Viney
  • Philip Holder as Robert Dessau
  • Dee Smart as Fiona Calwell
  • Louise Siversen as Linda Quinn
  • Lewis Fiander as Oliver Crowley
  • Fred Whitlock as Sam Perrin
  • Lance Anderson as Mr. Newman
  • Alison Richards as Mrs. Newman
  • Rainey Carah as Pru Viney
  • Roy Edmunds as Cam Viney
  • Susie Dee as Neighbour
  • Nick Carrafa as Homicide Detective 1
  • Ian Wilmoth as Homicide Detective 2
  • Cecelia Cheek as Defence Team Solicitor
  • Peter Maver as Prosecution Team Solicitor
  • Jacob Oberman as Waiter
  • Andrew Gilmour as Judge
  • Richard Guarnuccio as Remand Guard #1
  • Paula Gardner as Nurse #1
  • Daniel Daperis as Young Daniel
  • Jared Daperis as Younf Matthew
  • Peter Houghton as Talbot
  • Jamie Van Bruggen as Constable
  • Tom Stewart as Cleaner
  • Davin Taylor as Intruder
  • Anjie Broderick as Security Ward Nurse
  • Stephen Bayliss as Corrections Corp. Guard
  • Wayne Wood as Twin Double
  • Patrick Cavanagh as Male Nurse

On leave from her practice while writing a book, Dr. Jane Halifax is called upon to aid the defence of a former patient who is on trial for the murder of his parents. The young man is mentally unstable and suicidal, at first confessing to the crime and then pleading his innocence. Fact is, even he is uncertain of his own guilt or innocence. It is up to Jane to discover the answer for him, and in order to do so, Jane must unlock the secrets in the fragile mind of this confused suspect.

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Isn't It Romantic (#11)

Written by Katherine Thompson
Directed by David Caesar
Australia: July 19, 1998
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Hugo Weaving as Det. Sgt. Tom Hurkos
  • Bruce Spence as Eric Washburn
  • Clodaugh Crowe as Det Snr Con Sylvie Manganaris
  • Grant Piro as Terry Landsdown
  • Neil Melville as Det. Snr. Sgt. Jim Dettman
  • Bruce Hughes as Ian Turner
  • Roger Oakley as Frank Bailey
  • Margot Knight as Sue Bailey
  • Asher Keddie as Mandy Bailey
  • Carolyn Bock as Pauline
  • Renato Bartolomei as Con Pappas
  • Jerry Gerolemou as Theo
  • Marita Wilcox as Sandra
  • Anastasia Keras as Effie
  • Denise Scott as Shirl
  • Howard Stanley as Jim
  • Stephanie Daniel as Frances
  • Shauna McEwan as Susan Lazarro
  • Michael Burkett as Morgue Attendant
  • Joelene Crnogorac as Anna Pindici
  • Alexandra Sangster as Hooker
  • Michele Stayner as Dressmaker
  • Kristy Barnes-Cullen as Young Woman Netballer
  • Robert Lowe as TV News Cameraman
  • Jim Russell as Garry Stroud
  • Hamish Hughes as Samuels
  • Theo Boutsinis as Stan
  • Maureen Seymour as Technician
  • Jodi Haigh as Wedding Guest
  • Louise Miller as Helen
  • Barry James as Specialist
  • Marcia Ferguson as Analyst
  • Diane Bakar as Mrs Cheung
  • Bronte Keddie as Debra Bailey
  • Sandra Murphy as Gillian Stroud
  • Robin Wade as Hardware Shop Owner
  • Fiona Harris as Girl in Street
  • Catherine Larcey as Flatmate
  • Kevin Whitney as Forensic Officer
  • Harry Shiamaris as Greek Priest
  • Cosmos as Greek Band

Jane is drawn into one of the most puzzling cases of her career when her professional advice is sought on a series of murders in which the female victims were found dressed up and presented in bizarre fashions. In the course of the investigation, Jane is confronted with a young ambitious detective and a successful tabloid psychic both of whose attempts to solve the case foil her efforts, forcing JAne to race against the clock to outwit a serial killer.

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Afraid of the Dark (#12)

Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by Steve Jodrell
Australia: September 06, 1998
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Shane Feeney-Connor as Ray
  • Hugh Jackman as Eric Ringer
  • Susan Lyons as Helen De Castro
  • Catherine Wilkin as Marion Walters (Jane's Analyst)
  • Barry Langrishe as Martin Ledger
  • Myles Collins as Detective Twomey
  • Brett Swain as Lauper
  • Matthew Crosby as Vassalo
  • Bryan Marshall as John Halifax (Jane's Father)
  • Matylda Buczko as Young Jane
  • Stephen Whittaker as Tabloid Photographer
  • Tasos Petousis as Tony Martini
  • Emma Buckland as Mrs. Martini
  • Jake Notarfrancesco as Marco Martini
  • Sullivan Stapleton as Hamish
  • Anni Finsterer as Maxine
  • Gary Adams as Bruno
  • Lena Fiszman as Soula
  • Jackie Kelleher as Mrs. Toleworth
  • Pauline Coutts as Nun
  • Bruce Naylor as Reporter
  • Brenda Monaghan as Policewoman
  • John Murphy as Mr. Weisner
  • Pamela Murphy as Mrs. Weisner
  • Michael Gibbins as Police Video Operator
  • Roy Thompson as Body #1
  • Karina Beaumont as Body #2
  • Merron Cullum as Body #3
  • Andrew Walker as Body #4
  • Charles Collins as Rory Toleworth
  • David Clisby as Surgeon
  • Lance Anderson as Car Driver
  • Kaz Hall as Young Man #1
  • Justin Anderson as Young Man #2
  • Jane Allsop as Lauper's Girlfriend
  • Terry Brown as Lauper's Lawyer
  • Jenny Gilmour-Elwood as Crying Woman
  • Mark Facey as Young Policeman
  • Rodney Joyce as Logtaker
  • James Ryan as Detective
  • Blue as Deefer
  • Max Walker as Cricket Commentator

When eight people are shot dead at a road-side service station, Jane is called in by the police to create a profile of the gunman responsible. While being aided in her investigation by an alcoholic who was one of the few survivors of the slaughter, Jane is struck by the senselessness of the killings and is confronted by the inexplicable darkness of human nature, but in order to find the killer she must face her own dark demons as well.

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Note: no doubt due to Hugh Jackman's subsequent success in the USA, this title was released on DVD as "Profile of a Serial Killer" and can be found on amazon.com