Halifax f.p: episode guide

Producers: Roger Le Mesurier and Roger Simpson
Network Executive Producer: Kris Noble

Without Consent (#7)

Written by David Boutland
Directed by Michael Offer
Austalia: February 14, 1996
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Steve Jacobs as William
  • Annie Jones as Alison Hart
  • Gary Day as Mick
  • Brett Climo as Danny
  • Nadja Kostich as Sian
  • Eric Mueck as Luke
  • Lisa Baumwol as Annette
  • Rachel Kane as Julie
  • Jennifer Botica as Belinda
  • Gerald Lepkowski as Ari
  • Christopher Barry as Bert
  • Kate Keltie as Michelle
  • Damien Pree as Detective
  • Karen Hadfield as Detective
  • Jason Blake as Detective
  • David Sullivan Coles as Detective
  • Shane Goss as Detective
  • Christine Basil as Comedienne
  • Robert Price as Prisoner
  • Chris Wilson as Kung Fu Instructor
  • Jade Weitering as Pupil

A vicious rapist is released from prison and Jane Halifax is called in by the parole board to assess the attacker's mental state. Jane knows she is dealing with a clever, but twisted and manipulative mind, but when copy-cat attacks occur, the rapist has a water tight alibi—he was with Jane. So who is the rapist?

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Cradle and All (#8)

Written by Katherine Thompson
Directed by Paul Moloney
Austalia: September 11, 1996
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Robyn Nevin as Angela
  • Ian Bliss as Garry
  • Victoria Eagger as Pam
  • Phillip Gordon as Ron
  • Molly McCaffrey as Libby
  • Anthony Hayes as Kenny
  • Peter Hardy as Tony Roman
  • Christine Keogh as Det Sue Tait
  • Matt Hayden as Ducker
  • Mickey Camilleri as Beverley
  • Fiona Corke as Christine
  • Andrew Blackman as Stephen Audrey
  • Gerald Lepkowski as Ari
  • Lois Collinder as Mrs. Abul
  • Jack Davis as Brad
  • Nikita Plummer as Amy
  • Jorca and Jessica Thompson as Karen
  • Camilla Kin as Nurse
  • Kevin Whitney as Koala Man
  • Bronwen Gault as Detective
  • Peter Alchin as Detective
  • John Powell as Detective
  • Sean Allan as Lift Mechanic
  • Malcolm Sim as Lift Mechanic
  • Lawrence Vanvitelli as Cricket Boy

A baby is dead and her mother admits to killing the small child. But Jane Halifax feels the woman is covering for someone else. And while Jane is trying to unravel the mystery she finds herself the victim of an obsessive and dangerous stalker. What begins as flowers from an anonymous admirer and mystery phone calls, develops into a terrifying situation that puts Jane, her friends, and family at enormous risk.

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Sweet Dreams (#9)

Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Steve Jodrell
Austalia: July 07, 1996
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Steve Bisley as Jonah Cole
  • Max Phipps as Derrida
  • Peter Hosking as Foucault
  • Kerry Armstrong as Fiona Holmes
  • Ralph Cotterill as Doug Crow
  • Beth Buchanan as Denise Crow
  • Wendy Stapleton as Henri
  • Chris Milne as Harry
  • Gerald Lepkowski as Ari
  • Amanda Buchanan as Female Cop
  • Lance Anderson as Male Cop
  • David Tredinnick as Gautama
  • Connie Lee as Penny
  • John Arthars as Brian
  • Greg Day as Ken Greene
  • Michael Edward-Stevens as Clarence
  • Chris Connelly as Constable Wilkes
  • David Ashton as Sergeant Gibbs
  • Ed McShortall as Bald Man
  • Matilda Buczko as Jonah's Sister
  • Nicholas Crawford-Smith as Sergeant Peel
  • David Bergin as Man in Restaurant
  • Cendrine Ryan as Woman in Restaurant
  • Errol Akyalcin as Street Raver
  • Peter Anderson as Cowboy Busker
  • Shanti Gudgeon as Woman #1
  • Charlie Stone as Woman #1
  • Marcie Bainbridge as Large Woman
  • Phil Motherwell as Weedy Man
  • Keili Olsen as Dead Teenage Boy
  • Tatyana Des Fontaines-Burns as Florist
  • Craig Newman as Band
  • Colin Hopkins as Band
  • John Corniola as Band
  • Gary Deleo as Band

When Jonah Cole comes to Jane Halifax for help, she is torn between her deep feelings for the man and her professional responsibilities. Jonah is on the run, suspected of being corrupt and a killer. When people close to him are murdered, Jane admits that her life could be in danger and that it may be too late to help. Is he a crusader trying to expose police corruption? Or a demented killer responsible for killing a drug dealer and two cops? Torn between her professional and emotional instincts, Jane tries to discover the truth.

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