Produced by Fremantle Australia

Creator: Jason Herbison
Producer: Natalie Mandel
Executive Producer: Jason Herbison
Writers: Jason Herbison, Margaret Wilson, Anthony Ellis
Director: Kate Kendall

Aired (UK): July 11-14, 2023 (Channel 5)
Aired (Aus): October 04-25, 2023 (10)

A summer holiday turns into a nightmare when two families become trapped in the path of an oncoming bushfire as deep seeded secrets are revealed. (4x45min)
Danny DyerSteve Cameron
Darren McMullenBrad Fisher
Pia MirandaSarah Cameron
Matia MarksMia Cameron
Matteo AnnettaTom Cameron
Jane AllsopLouise Fisher
Hunter HaydenKip Fisher
Richie MorrisJet Calloway
Olympia ValanceSergeant Angelos
cast photo

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