Produced by Seven Network

Executive Producer: John Holmes
Producer: Jo Porter
Writers: Bevan Lee, et al
Storyliners: Andrew Osborne, Josh Mapleston, Kaneana May
Directors: Adrian Holmes, Chris Martin-Jones, Catherine Millar, Ian Gilmour,
Ian Watson, Kevin Carlin, Daniel Nettheim, Tony Tilse
Original theme by: Supersonic
Composers: Paul Healy, Jonathan Dower

Aired: Nov 15, 2005 - Jan 28, 2006

Set in the town of South Heads on the Southern Eastern coastline of Australia, the Headlands Hotel and South Coast University are the centre of the show as we enter the world of South Heads along with newly appointed student counsellor, Adam Wilde. Through him and fellow counsellor Grace we venture with them into the minds of the students as they deal with the pressures of study, the frustrations of everyday life, and the heartbreak of shattered loves.
Sam AtwellCraig Palmer
Conrad ColebyAdam Wilde
Brooke HarmanKate Monk
Sophie KatanisMel Bennett
Jody KennedyMaddie McKinnon
Adrienne PickeringElly Franklin
Josh Quong TartWill Monk
Reshad StrikAndy Llewellyn
Rachel TaylorSasha Forbes
Matthew WalkerHeath Forbes
Libby TannerGrace Palmer

Opening Theme:

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