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Brooke Harman (seated) and Rachel Taylor

Rachael Taylor and Brooke Harmon… expecting to star in the bloopers out takes.

Bumps and falls are no drama for girls on the land

RACHAEL Taylor and can't wait for the bloopers tape to come out at the Headland Christmas party.

"It's going to be hilarious," Rachael says.

The blonde temptress on Channel 7's newest drama reckons she'll feature quite heavily.

"I'm such a clutz," she laughs.

"Whenever I have to say a sexy line, I always clock my head, trip over my shoes, or fall over a table, I'm about as un-sexy as it gets."

Brooke says she can beat that; her on-screen baby "relaxed" midway through a take.

"All of a sudden I felt this warm puddle on me," she says.

Brooke's character is a swimmer, but in real life, the actress is no Thorpie. "I can doggy paddle, that's about it," she laughs.

And then there's the problem of appearing on TV in your bathers.

"I did panic at first," she says.

"I remember running up the steps of the Opera House before filming thinking about 'I have to get rid of every bulge', but I got over it.

"Plus I thought it's good for people to see real people on TV, it's healthy."

And there's always the modern cosmetic miracle… spray-on tan.

The pair has made a flying visit to Adelaide to promote the new show, which is now screening four nights a week.

But it wasn't their first time in the city of churches. Both have had guest spots on McLeod's Daughters.

"I played the out-of-towner, an old friend, which was a little disappointing because I wanted to do some of the farmy things," Rachael says.

When we explained the McLeods girls had recently learnt how to crutch sheep, she didn't feel quite so left out.

November 29, 2005
The Advertiser