H2O - Just Add Water: cast

Claire Holt as Emma Gilbert

Claire Holt is no stranger to the water, adding to her delight when she won the role of swim star (and mermaid) Emma Gilbert.

Relaxation is not a word Claire is too familiar with she has a black belt in Thai-kwon-do, enjoys swimming training, playing volley ball and competitive water polo.

Talented and effervescent, Claire also shines out of the sporting realm and when not being physically active likes to spend time practicing the piano, guitar and singing.

H20 JUST ADD WATER is Claire's first role in a television series, but, Claire is not new to being in front of the camera featuring in advertising campaigns for Sizzlers, Queensland Lifesaving and Dreamworld. Claire has also studied acting at school and privately to hone her skills.

When Claire does have time to herself, she loves shopping and movies with friends.

Claire graduated from high school at the end of 2005. When asked about her plans for the future Claire includes intentions to undertake a degree at university. However, she is currently having so much fun acting and being a mermaid!

EMMA is the leader; she's smart and a childhood defined by the discipline of swimming training has made her a very determined and focused person. She's neat, she's organised and she's the sort of person you can rely on totally in a crisis. Emma's a "can do" person and once she sets her mind to something, she never gives up.

Emma's an up and coming star of the swimming pool, and people are already talking about her as a possible future "big thing". She's a valuable member of the School Swimming Team a winning team that has beaten all comers in the last few years and the town knows it.

Emma has the power to freeze water. A gesture can freeze raindrops or an entire canal! She could make a key out of ice, but why bother when she can burst a lock to pieces because when water freezes, it expands. Plus she makes some pretty funky ice sculptures.