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For instant stardom… Just Add Water

HUNDREDS of budding actors lined up at the Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast yesterday for their chance to star in a teen drama that promises a twist in the tail.

After holding interviews throughout Australia, producers of the $10million TV show H20 Just Add Water are confident their three lead actors will be Gold Coast girls.

Filming begins on the tourist strip in October for the Jonathan M. Shiff Productions project, which follows the company's international success with Ocean Girl, Wicked Science and Cybergirl.

Associate producer Joanna Werner said a decision on the leads, who would play mermaids, and the eight support roles should be made in a fortnight.

"Ideally, we're looking for 14-to-17-year-olds, who are gorgeous, athletic and fantastic actors we're not asking for much," Ms Werner joked.

"They will have to perform underwater and be mermaids. Hopefully, we will find our girl here. It's perfect. Gold Coast teenagers tend to be out on the beach, in the sun."

Ashleigh Lawrence, 16, believes she might be a good chance to appear in the series, which will run on Channel 10 next year.

The Merrimac secondary school student has appeared in several other productions, including The Sleepover Club.

"I'm doing marine studies at school," she said. "We have to do snorkeling and swimming. I love boats and jet skis."

By Paul Weston
August 07, 2005
The Sunday Mail