Produced by Magpie Pictures

Producers: Lois Randall, Dena Curtis
Story Producer: Sam Carroll
Writers: Sue McPherson, Briar Grace Smith, Sam Carroll, Kodie Bedford, Danielle MacLean,
Gina Roncoli, Giula Sandler, Tristan Michael Savage, David Hannam
Director: Lynn-Maree Danzey, Beck Cole, Nicholas Verso

Airing: February 16, 2018... (NITV, ABC Me)

Adapted from the award-winning novel by Sue McPherson, Grace Beside Me follows Fuzzy Mac, whose life is turned upside down when, at the age of 13, she discovers she can see ghosts and spirits. But all she wants is to fit in and have fun with her mates. It's hard enough navigating the highs and lows of becoming a teenager while living with your eccentric Nan and Pop, without also having to deal with needy ghosts, mischievous totems and cantankerous Ancestors. (13x26min)

Kyliric MasellaFuzzy Mac
Mairehau GraceTui
Tjiirdm McGuireYar
Tessa RoseNan
Charles PassiPop
cast photo

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