Going Home: episode guide

Episode 1

Monday 28 May 2001

On the train, Mike mentions tonight's announcement of the ten best Australian songs. Mike runs a book to see which of the passengers can guess the number one song. They place their bets and anxiously await tomorrow's result. Meanwhile, Stefano and the others are helping Tiffany with her audition tape for the Australian version of Survivor. The deadline for entries is Wednesday 30 May 2001.

Episode 2

Tuesday 29 May 2001

Everyone is surprised when Stefano turns up on the train wearing a suit. At Mee Lin's urgings, Stefano is looking for a better job. The others decide to re-write Stef's CV. Kwan was the only one to correctly guess what APRA voted as the Best Australian Song ('Friday on My Mind'), BUT he was the only one who didn't put money on it.

Episode 3

Wednesday 30 May 2001

Since her salon has burned down, Poppy has to fill out insurance claims. Even worse than the fire, Poppy is insured with HIH. Colin tries to find someone to go with him to see Moulin Rouge.

Episode 4

Thursday May 31 2001

Najette is having second thoughts about the lawyer she hired to get Halim back from Lebanon. With Mike's help, Pam plans a surprise for Shane on his imminent release from prison. Noel shares a lateral-thinking puzzle that none of the women on the train can solve.

Episode 5

Friday 01 June 2001

Pam brings in pictures of her three-month old baby, Ryan. The photos are not flattering. Najette insists that there is no such thing as an ugly baby. But the evidence is overwhelming. Stef and Colin return a lost wallet. They fight over the reward.

Episode 6

Monday 04 June 2001

Tiffany and Pam secretly sign Poppy up for an online dating service. Colin and Stefano are in a quandary. The reward they received for returning the wallet was a packet of ecstasy pills. Kwan has an archrival at work.

Episode 7

Tuesday 05 June 2001

Pam gets a phone call from Shane. He's out of prison, but he doesn't want to come home. Noel is upset when Colin gives Stefano a less-than-glowing reference. The tension mounts between Kwan and his archrival, Gunther

Episode 8

Wednesday 06 June 2001

Noel receives a series of increasingly disturbing phone calls from his mother. Kwan discovers he has accidentally swapped his Palm device with that of his archrival, Gunther. Najette tries to give up smoking.

Episode 9

Thursday 07 June 2001

After months of silence, Najette receives a letter from Halim. Halim writes that he is happy, but the others on the train read between the lines. Earlier in the week, Tiffany and Pam found Poppy a potential date online. Because Poppy hasn't contacted him, Tiffany asks Poppy for the man's phone number. Poppy gives the number to Tiffany, but immediately regrets it. Kwan discovers that Gunther is trying to steal a client.

Episode 10

Friday 08 June 2001

A British backpacker intrudes on our regulars. Colin has a crossed line on his mobile. He receives several calls, all asking for the Psychic Hotline.

Episode 11

Monday 11 June 2001

Some of the regulars have to work even though it's a public holiday. Stef is on the train to work on a video course assignment. In confession-cam style, Stef asks the commuters to talk about the best and worst day of their lives.

Episode 12

Tuesday 12 June 2001

Kwan is struggling with a pitch for an advertising campaign. Najette tries her sure-fire cure for hangovers on Pam.

Episode 13

Wednesday 13 June 2001

Poppy has reservations about doing a makeover on an eleven-year-old girl, while Tiffany is worried about how she would be perceived if she were picked for the Australian Survivor. Colin has problems of his own. His daughter, Darryl, is upset because her cat is losing its hair.

Episode 14

Thursday 14 June 2001

Stefano's wife, Mei Lin, tries to ease the tension between her husband and her cousin, Kwan. Work is becoming stressful for Poppy because she refused to makeup an eleven-year-old girl. Pam becomes suspicious about her attractive neighbour.

Episode 15

Friday 15 June 2001

Stefano tries to break the world record for walking backwards. From an initial five dollar bet, the betting pool has reached $1000. Some take their money and run, while others risk it all on a high-stakes poker game.

Episode 16

Monday 18 June 2001

Colin is a lifeline for an old school mate who is a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? steels himself because the million-dollar phone call could come at any moment… Noel has had a bad day at work. A couple of yuppies tried to make him feel stupid.

Episode 17

Tuesday 19 June 2001

Things heat up between Colin and Najette. Thank goodness there's a water cooler on the train!

Episode 18

Wednesday 20 June 2001

Najette is anxious to see Colin. She lost something of value at Colin's house last night. But for some reason, Colin hasn't returned Najette's calls and he isn't on the train… at least he's not in the regular carriage. As part of a fundraiser, Mike becomes Tiff and Kwan's servant for a day.

Episode 19

Thursday 21 June 2001

Poppy is looking for a roommate. Trouble is she's trying to keep the search secret from Tiffany who would like to move in with Poppy. Pam notices a bad smell on the train. With Kwan and Stef's help, Pam tries to sniff out the source.

Episode 20

Friday 22 June 2001

Noel is spending the Jewish Sabbath with Mel's family. To please her orthodox grandparents, Mel has asked Noel to pretend he's Jewish. The others show him how to get away with it. Tiffany gets ready for the Bachelor and Spinsters Ball, but disaster strikes when Noel spills kosher wine on her dress.

Episode 21

Monday June 25 2001

After going to the Bachelor and Spinsters Ball with his daughter, Tiffany has something important to tell Mike. But is he ready to hear it? The British backpacker returns to give Stef grief.

Episode 22

Tuesday 26 June 2001

Tiffany receives a photo of her e-mail pen pal -- a sexy African-American sailor. Using modern technology (and a little deception), Tiff emails a photo back. Colin's cat is diagnosed with obsessive behaviour. The vet suggests moggy therapy.

Episode 23

Wednesday 27 June 2001

Kwan arrives on the train flashing money around. He's just had a big gambling win. When the others aren't as happy as he is, he tries to spread the joy by sharing the wealth. Some of the regulars test a new urban myth. Supposedly, if you circle a glass of water with several mobiles and then get them all to ring, the water in the cup will boil…

Episode 24

Thursday 28 June 2001

Najette is excited but nervous about the birthday party she has planned for Colin's daughter, Daryl. Several of the regulars are anxious to get home when something unexpected happens.

Episode 26

Monday 2 July 2001

Najette has spent an energising day doing a team building course. She plays some of the games with the others – including a trust exercise with Colin. But can Colin trust her? Tiff, Kwan and Noel are inspired by the story of a man in England who converted his flat into the 'Star Trek' spaceship.

Episode 25

Friday 29 June 2001

The regulars play a competitive game of Travel Scrabble. As the game progresses, tempers flare. It's a good day for causes. Tiffany is selling merchandise for Red Nose Day while Stefano gets on the train direct from a Critical Mass ride. The girls appreciate Stef's tight shorts.

Episode 27

Tuesday 3 July 2001

A few weeks ago, Pam and Stefano found a book about a twelve-step program on the train. The program is called Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA). In a covert operation, Pam and Stef ask a few questions from the book to try to suss out which of the passengers the book belongs to. Poppy takes up belly dancing. Her decision provokes some interesting reactions from the others.

Episode 28

Wednesday 4 July 2001

Kwan is putting together a pitch for a federal advertisement using real testimonials. Tiffany is tempted to participate (the pay could be as much as $25,000), but Noel's hackles are raised when he realises that the ad is anti-union. A couple of loud American tourists invade the train.

Episode 30

Friday 6 July 2001

The regulars start their weekend by playing various games on the train. When Najette finds a creative way of asking Colin a burning question, the real games begin. Pam is worried when Gary phones to say he will meet her train. What does Gary have to tell her?

Episode 29

Thursday 5 July 2001

Stef unexpectedly meets his father-in-law on the train. He does his best, but has he got what it takes to make a good first impression? Colin's cat is called up for jury duty.

Episode 31

Monday 9 July 2001

Some anti-Asian graffiti appears on the train. Mike tries to protect Kwan from seeing it. But what will Kwan's response be? Colin decides to get a life coach.

Episode 32

Tuesday 10 July 2001

A charming Frenchman catches the wrong train. Najette plays good Samaritan while the boys question her motives. Feeling threatened, Colin becomes determined to show off in front of Najette by solving the last word in a cryptic crossword.

Episode 33

Wednesday 11 July 2001

The carriage is packed and there's a groper on the train. Tiffany becomes determined to find and deal with the culprit. Colin discovers a few home truths by reading Daryl's old emails.

Episode 34

Thursday 12 July 2001

Mike's truant son, Sam, is in town. Trouble arises when Mike suggests that Sam can help Colin build a cubby house. Noel decides to go back to study.

Episode 35

Friday 13 July 2001

It's Friday the 13th. Noel plays a series of scary pranks. He elicits a few screams, but the last scream he hears may be his own…

Episode 36

Monday 16 July 2001

Najette gets upsetting news from her lawyer about Halim's case. Colin's life coach urges him to take a vow of honesty, but does everyone want to hear what Colin has to say?

Episode 37

Tuesday 17 July 2001

Pam is anticipating the celebration of her 27th wedding anniversary when she gets a big surprise on the train. Poppy helps Noel develop an unusual skill.

Episode 38

Wednesday 18 July 2001

After a painful trip to the dentist, Poppy gets another shock when her boss phones her on the train... Kwan borrows money from several of the regulars. Why would Kwan, a well-paid advertising executive, need to borrow money?

Episode 39

Thursday 19 July 2001

The two women in Colin's life have just collided. The aftershocks are felt on the train. Stef is feeling leery about his role as the company axe man. Tiffany is playing cyber-hard-to-get with her email boyfriend.

Episode 40

Friday 20 July 2001

Najette receives another letter from Halim. She takes it at face value, but something mysterious makes her look closer. It's opening night for Mike's version of Hamlet, renamed The Great Dane. Disaster strikes when the leading lady can't go on. Will Mike find a solution for his problem on the train?

Episode 65

Friday 24 August 2001 (series one finale)

The regulars are in fancy dress for Stef's first wedding anniversary party when an unwelcome guest arrives.

series 2 comprised a further 65 episodes