An SBS / McElroy Television co-production

Executive Producers: Hal McElroy & Di McElroy
Producer: Gillian Arnold
Head Writer: Christopher Wheeler
Writers: Daphne Paris, Michael O'Rourke, George Merryman
Directors: Alan Coleman, Andrew Lewis

Produced: 2000–2001

Scripted, filmed, edited and broadcast on the same day, Going Home is set in a nightly inter-urban commuter train. A group of regular train travellers are featured on their daily commute in a blend of up-to-the-mintue commentary on the news and events of the day, together with the unfolding dramas in their lives. Viewer feedback was encouraged, including plot and character suggestions that were regularly incorporated into subsequent episodes.
Camilla Ah KinNajette Malek
Arthur AngelStephano Pappadopoulos
David CallanNoel Johnston
Jason ChongKwan David Lee
Rhonda DoyleTiffany Parker
John GibsonMike Cortez
Brian MeeganColin Thompson
Lyn PiersePam Coughlan
Khristina TotosPoppy Savvas
cast photo

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