Produced by Lonely Planet Television Pty Ltd

Executive producers: Laurence Billiet and Peter Beilby
Producer: Jeni McMahon
Directors: David Batty, Tony Jackson
Writers: David Batty, David Collins

Aired: February 2006 (SBS)

Roll up your swags, pack your sense of adventure and hit the road with Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman and actor Deborah Mailman as they embark on a road trip through Aboriginal Australia. Setting out from Broome and heading all the way to Arnhem Land, the girls take us to places we've never seen, introduce us to people we've never met and reveal the stories behind Australia's rich cultural heritage. (4 x 30 min)
Deborah Mailman (series 1)
Cathy Freeman (series 1-2)
Luke Carroll (series 2)
Mailman and Freeman

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