The Genie From Down Under: characters

Alexandra Milman as Penelope Townes

Penelope Townes is a 13 year old aristocrat. She might be brave but she is also self centred and a snob. Whilst the family fortunes are waning, she wants to live in wealth and comfort. When Penelope discovers she is the master of two genies, she believes they will be the answer to the Townes' financial woes. But Penelope is not a very nice Master and her wishes don't always go as planned, especially when there's love involved and Penelope proves she will do anything to attract Conrad Von Meister's attention.

Rhys Muldoon as Bruce

Bruce is a genie who is 5,000 years old but looks about 35, He is a wily and witty Australian larikin who is also a little naive. Bruce doesn't think much of England or the 'poms', except for Lady Diana, Penelope's mother. Bruce is keen on Lady Diana but he's also determined to get back to Australia and so, much to Penelope's chagrin, he interprets wishes to suit his own desires.

Glenn Meldrum as Baz

Bruce's son Baz is a junior genie who looks about seven years old. As far as his magic goes, he often jumps the gun which thwarts his father's attempts at being set free from the imprisonment of being a genie and continually dominated by a master. Baz is the innocent type and often becomes a pawn for Conrad Von Meister and Penelope who vie for his assistance in controlling the ownership of the opal.

Anna Galvin as Lady Diana

Lady Diana is Penelope's mother, a young and attractive widow with a sweet nature. Lady Diana is having trouble making ends meet, even though she is the owner of the large stately manor, Townes Hall. In an effort to keep Townes Hall, which is falling into disrepair through lack of money, she considers potential suitors, including the wealthy Bubbles, a man she does not truly love.

Monica Maughan as Miss Mossop

"Mossie" is the Townes' family housekeeper. She has been with them all her working life, and has no intention whatsoever of leaving her Lady Diana and Penelope ...even if she hasn't been paid in a very long time. She tries to be very stern, but is also loving and loyal.

Mark Mitchell as Otto Von Meister

Otto is a 40 year old Australian, who runs "Crocodile Otto's Outback Experience". He is an unattractive, smelly slob and his tours always end up to be a horrific experience for tourists. He takes them to visit uninteresting places, to eat lousy food in unbearable conditions and makes them do most of the work. Otto's mean with the tourists and he's mean with his money. Most of all, he will never admit he's wrong. He is also very vain, believing no woman can resist his charm.

Fletcher Humphrys as Conrad Von Meister

Conrad is Otto's 15 year old nephew, who helps him operate the shonky outback tour business. Conrad is as quick witted as his uncle is slow. Conrad is also a budding entrepreneur in a greedy and selfish way and is always ready to take advantage of Penelope's unflagging admiration for him.

Ian McFadyen as Roderick "Bubbles" Ackrington-Smyth

Bubbles is an upperclass, filthy rich twit. He is the eternally eligible bachelor who desperately wants to get married and genuinely loves Diana. Bubbles is always trying to improve himself by joining self-help groups like "Chaps Who Want To Be Chaps" and "Chaps Seeking Their Inner Chap".

Kylie Belling as Trish Emu

Trish is Otto's "Tour Experience Co-ordinator". Trish is also the tour translator, the cook, the entertainment officer and the driver. In fact, if it wasn't for Trish, Otto's business would not exist , a fact that Otto chooses to deny.