Produced by Artist Services Pty Ltd, and The Comedy Channel

Executive Producer: Stephen Vizard, Paul Ridley, Elisa Tranter
Producer: MaryAnne Carroll
Director: Matt Cameron
Writers: Matthew Cameron, Bob Franklin, Jeff Stilson, Kevin Carlin, Elise McCredie

Aired: June–July 2000 (6 x 30 min)

A character-driven comedy drama series featuring Bob Franklin as Gary Petty, the world's most small-minded and revengeful man. Gary's life is consumed with systematically exacting revenge for what he perceives as outrageous snubs and acts of social malice. Beware anyone who has ever crossed Gaz, he is an unforgiving man. From the talking macaw at the pet-shop that called him a loser, to the peddler who sold him a garden gnome that had its paint subsequently fade, Gary is unremitting and he wants sweet revenge on everyone from airline trolley dollies to antsy shop attendants - ripping into all of them with great gusto.
Bob FranklinGary Petty
Elise McCredieVirge Snell
Francis GreensladeEdwin
Deidre RubensteinNancy
Aidan FennessyJude Grey
Saskia PostEmily
Brian NankervisRaymond J. Bartholomuez
cast photo