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The First Day

Part 1 (2 hour)
Mon, February 09, 2015 (8:40 - 10:30)
Ratings (hour 1): 1.104 million viewers (2nd)
Ratings (hour 2): 804,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Glendyn Ivin

As dawn breaks on April 25, 1915, seventeen-year-old Thomas "Tolly" Johnson and his brother Bevan are thrust into a chaotic, confusing battle for the Turkish heights when they land on the Gallipoli peninsula. They discover what it is to kill and to fear being killed. The landing proves to be a disaster, triggering an eight-month stalemate where thousands will lose their lives.


  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Tolly Johnson
  • Harry Greenwood as Bevan Johnson
  • Sam Parsonson as Dave Kelin
  • Tom Budge as Cliff Sutton
  • James Callis as Ellis Asmead-Bartlett
  • John Bach as Sir Ian Hamilton
  • Nicholas Hope as Walter Braithwaite
  • Anthony Hayes as Anthony Chandler
  • Matt Nable as Harry Perceval
  • Leon Ford as Charles Bean
  • Ashleigh Cummings as Celia Houghton
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Captain Taylor
  • Justine Clarke as Mrs Johnson
  • Anthony Phelan as Sir William Birdwood
  • Yalin Ozucelik as Mustafa Kemal
  • Ezel Doruk as Adnan Cevik
  • David Whiteley as Cyril Brudenell White
  • Paul English as Cecil Aspinall
  • John Lloyd Fillingham as Sir Alexander Godley
  • Hugh Parker as Harold (Hooky) Walker
  • Colin Moody as Sir William Bridges
  • John Higginson as Cecil Thursby
  • Brian Lipson as John De Robeck
  • Scott Terrill as Commodore Keyes
  • Dan Purdey as Colonel Prior
  • Des Fleming as Lt Foster
  • David John Walton as Boatswain
  • Teague Rook as Medical Orderly
  • David Cormick as Stretcher Bearer at the Nek
  • Charles Mayer as Lt Curtis
  • Anthony Robb as Local Cook

Anzacs: Luke Kerridge, Patrick Borg, Ben Minarelli, Anthony Robb, Brad Liddicoat, Jake Preval, Nick Mitchell, Anthony Littlechild

Turkish Soldiers: Zeynel Ulutas, Adem Ulutas, Coskum Erdem, James Dierickx, Jean Bachoura, Tamer Baser, Serkaw Tokgoz

Stunt Performers: Bradd Buckley, Will Jones, Graham Jahne, Mark Wickham, Bryce Hardy, Davin Taylor, Michael Foster, Marky Lee Campbell, Daniel Solis, Alex Yakimov, Adam Davis, Adrian Pickering, Chris Weir, Rian Goodge, Rick Tonna, Jarrah Cocks, Jade Amantea, Morgan Evans, Richard Anastasios, Paul Rochford, Warwick Sadler