Funky Squad: episode guide

A Degree In Death

tim ferguson aka blair steele

Episode 1
April 24, 1995

Funky Squad is called in to investigate the mysterious death of the Dean of Central University. The police chief immediately places blame on the campus kids, but Funky Squad believes otherwise. As protectors of the young generation they set out to prove that the kids aren't behind the crime, but possibly a force higher up in the ranks.

With: Mark Neal, Peter Stratford

The Art Of Murder

Jane Kennedy aka Verity Svenson-Hart

Episode 2
May 01, 1995

When a young artist is murdered by the owner of an art museum Funky Squad arrives on the case. But their investigation soon turns sour when evidence slips under their noses. Can they piece together enough to see justice served in time?

With: John Benton, Vince D'Amico, Des Mullan

A Shot In The Dark

group shot

Episode 4
May 08, 1995

Funky Squad investigates the death of a man who was killed for not paying a debt. Their search leads them to Viktor Ramirez - a wealthy businessman and drug dealer. Without proof of his involvement the team only have the kids on the street to help them.

With: Jeffrey Booth, Andrea McEwan, Mark Zandle

Little Girl Lost

Santo Cilauro aka Joey Alvarez

Episode 3
May 15, 1995

When the daughter of a senator is kidnapped the chief hands the case to Funky Squad. A series of letters is being sent to the senator's home demanding no cops and a heavy ransom. Funky Squad need to act fast if they're to see the girl alive again.

With: Randall Berger, Larry Hunter-Stewart

The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Tom Gleisner aka Harvey Zdalka Jnr

Episode 5
May 22, 1995

When the leader of a gang known as The Bandits is brutally attacked, his friends declare war on their rivals - The Skulls. Enter Funky Squad, who suspect that there is a set-up in the midst pertaining to a businessman in desire of local property.

With: Rex Callahan, Anthony De Fazio, Michael Gibbins

Diamonds Are A Cat's Best Friend

Episode 6
May 29, 1995

A series of jewel thefts prompts Funky Squad to stake out local exhibitions in an attempt to discover who the mysterious cat burglar is. The thief only leaves a calling card, but when Cassie notices specific glove markings on the window of one of his hits they decide to call in at a local fencing school.

With: Don Bridges, Marijke Mann, Mark Pennell, James Wright

The Carnival Is Over

Episode 7
June 05, 1995

Funky Squad begin to received death threats shortly after the release of a criminal they put away three years ago. Drudging up old case files they're forced to relive a past event, which will soon bring them back to present for a final showdown at an abandoned fun fair.

With: Peter Green

Trouble in Chinatown (Part 1)

Episode ?
Did not air


With: ?

Trouble in Chinatown (Part 2)

Episode ?
Did not air


With: ?