Fresh Blood Pilot Season: episode guide

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Aunty Donna

September 17, 2015 (iView)
Produced by Nel Minchin
Created by Thomas Armstrong, Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, Sam Lingham, Max Miller, Nel Minchin, Zachary Ruane
Written by Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, Sam Lingham, Zachary Ruane
Directed by Max Miller

Aunty Donna is a narrative-to-sketch series following the fantastic and surreal lives of Melbourne sketch troupe Aunty Donna. Rocked by the sudden departure of their most popular member, the three remaining members must prove to their agent, their fans and themselves that they can make it on their own. The pilot merges two different worlds: a day-to-day narrative and a heightened, fantastical world.

Cast: Broden Kelly as Broden, Mark Samual Bonanno as Mark, Paul Verhoeven as Paul, Zachary Ruane as Zachary, Sally Anne Upton as Patsy, Nadia Andary as Zach's Mum, Miranda Tapsell as Tara, Amelie Lu as Mark's Daughter, Raymond Martini as Marco, Dave Thornton as Dave Davidson

Fancy Boy

September 17, 2015 (iView)
Produced by Mark Conway
Written by John Campbell, Mark Conway, Greg Larsen, Mike Nayna
Directed by Mike Nayna, John Campbell

Fancy Boy is plucked from the depths of the disturbed minds of the winners of the prestigious Golden Gibbo Award at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The team's sketches are pithy, unapologetic comedy rooted in dark perspectives and uniquely bold premises. Fancy Boy is an oddly enjoyable back-hand to the face from a distinctive new comedy collective.

Cast: Luke McGregor as Luke (shit-finding housemate), Jonathan Schuster as Jonathan (sink-shitting housemate), Celia Pacquola as Celia, Mark Conway as Tom, Greg Larsen as Cum Gimp, Ben Russell as Backyard Business Host, Anne Edmonds as Dusty Banjosen, Jack Druce as On-screen Sound Man, Peter Jones as On-screen Cameraman, Mike Nayna as Obasi (African Albino), John Campbell as Mr. Alan, Stuart Daulman as Clyde Pietersen, Anne Edmonds as Gloria Abe, Greg Larsen as Mark Chapman Voiceover, Xavier Michelides as Allen Thomas, Karl Woodberry as Barman, Broden Kelly as Asian-hunting Policeman, Stuart Daulman as Mustachioed Policeman, Henry Stone as Young Mark Chapman; Dilruk Jayasinha, Jonathan Schuster, Greg Larsen, Amaya Courtis, Mark Conway & Stuart Daulman as Lennon Party People, Jay Morrissey as Forensics Officer, Ella McNeill as Mr. Obasi's Nurse, Tony Ting as Asian Man, Nick Capper as Shitrat Policeman, Geraldine Hickey as Policewoman, Damien Power as Dr. Richard Childs, Maggie Looke as On-screen Make-up Woman, Ronny Chieng as Ted Yung; Jack Druce, Jay Morrissey, Roderick Th-ng as CCTV Prisoners; Rod Smith as Old Mark Chapman; Mark Conway & John Campbell as Prison Guards

The Record

September 17, 2015 (iView)
Executive Producers: Tanya Phegan, Anita Sheehan, Liz Watts, Vincent Sheehan
Produced by Linda Micsko, Sylvia Warmer, Veronica Milsom
Created by Veronica Milsom
Written by Veronica Milsom, Steen Raskopoulos
Directed by Cate Stewart

The Record is a black comedy written by and starring Veronica Milsom and Steen Raskopoulos. Based around couples striving to achieve or maintain world records, the humour flows from the characters' unrelenting desperation to be recognised and remembered throughout the history books. For some, their record is their greatest achievement. For others, it's a source of shame.

Starring: Veronica Milsom, Steen Raskopoulos

With: Miles Bence as Council Worker, Jim Vescos as Neighbour, Harry Colhoun as Devon, Fred Holahan Cantwell as Ben, Stef Smith as World Record Official

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

September 17, 2015 (iView)
Produced by Michelle Hardy
Written, Directed & Created by Sarah Bishop, Greta Lee Jackson, Adele Vuko

A twisted sketch comedy, created from a uniquely female perspective. The show offers a satirical take on the common feminine archetypes we see every day on film and in the media and turns well-known TV genres on their heads. Written, directed and starring Skit Box's Sarah Bishop, Greta Lee Jackson and Adele Vuko, the show is an eclectic mix of outrageous and thought-provoking comedy.

Starring: Sarah Bishop, Greta Lee Jackson and Adele Vuko

With: Paul Michael Ayre, David Collins, Ben Ellwood, Americo Gaite, Fiona Gillman, Aaron Glenane, Nick Hunter, Seaton Kay-Smith, Cam Knight, Joshua Longhurst, Emily Morrison, Timothy Nathan, Matt Okine, Georgina Symes, Nathan Thomas, Nadia Townsend, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Jeeves Verma, Prudence Vindin, Jules Walsh


September 17, 2015 (iView)
Produced by Claire Phillips, Benjamin Mathews, Tom Keele, Jon Dalgaard
Written by Claire Phillips, Benjamin Mathews, Tom Keele, Jon Dalgaard
Directed by Benjamin Mathews

BedHead is a rom-com about Nick and Sophie, two best friends who sleep together and agree it definitely (probably) doesn't mean anything. As they take on the scary world of modern dating, they'll sleep with all the wrong people to prove there's nothing between them. BedHead takes a cheeky peek under the sheets at the horrendously awkward and embarrassing things we get up to in the pursuit of love and sex.

Starring: Paul Ayre as Nick, Sarah Bishop as Sophie, Ainslie Clouston as Daisy, Mark Winter as Teddy, Andrew Steel as Harry, Genevieve Hegney as Julia, Geoffrey Grasso as Security Guard, Charlie Veitch as Security Guard, Vita Carbone as Girl at Bar