A Southern Star Entertainment and Magma films Production
for the Nine Network Australia and Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE)

Creator: John Rapsey
Executive Producers: Mary Callery, Ralph Christians, Jo Horsburgh
Producers: Susie Campbell, Gerry McColgan, Hermann Florin, Noel Price
Writers: John Rapsey, Murray Oliver, Tracey Defty, Annie Fox
Directors: James Bogle, Declan Eames

Aired: 2004 (Nine)

What if you could zap yourself from your boring rainy humdrum life in a strict boarding school in Ireland, to a sun-drenched beach resort in Australia whenever you felt like it? Or if you had enough of the sunshine in Australia, you could simply choose to go through a door which came out in a totally different world in Ireland. Well that's what 14-year-olds Hannah and Brett can do, since Brett discovered a portal in the old house where he lives in Australia. The series follows their adventures and mishaps as they become fish out of water in different hemispheres and try to adjust to, and get the best out of, both worlds. (26 x 30 minute)
Lynn StylesHannah O'Flaherty
Zachery GarredBrett Miller
Danielle Fox-ClarkeTara Keegan
Joel TurnerWayne Payne
Robbie SheehanCormac McNamara
Chelsea JonesMeredith Payne
Barbara GriffinMiss Murphy
Peter DineenSeamus McCracken
Kristy HillhouseJackie Miller-Payne
Gregory McNeillCraig Payne
Dan ColleyMartin
Hannah and Brett

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