Executive Producer: Andrew Friedman, Geoffrey Portmann
Producer: Madeline Getson
Writers: Gerard Cogley, Andrew Curry, Bernard Curry, Stephen Curry, Fiona Harris,
Nathaniel Kaye, Katrina Mathers, Steven Stagg, Michael Ward

Aired: May–June 2002 (7 x 30 min)

Flipside will beam you into an escapist world filled with wacky sketches, narratives and spontaneous outbursts of music. But beware sketch-comedy lovers; this is not like sketch-comedy as we know it. Flipside is refreshing in its format—created by a unique bunch of writer/actors who are ready to show you the Flipside of life.
Gerard Cogley
Andrew Curry
Bernard Curry
Stephen Curry
Fiona Harris
Nathaniel Kaye
Katrina Mathers
Steven Stagg

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