Produced by Fox Television Creative Australia, Nine Films and Television Pty Limited

Executive Producers: David Martin, Kris Noble
Producer: Richard Clendinnen
Director: Harry Cripps
Writer: Alison Magney-Wall

Aired: 2001 (13 x 30 min)

Flat Chat tells the story of two very different women living two very different lives, which change when their circumstances are reversed and they're thrust together and forced to survive in the other's world. Socialite Claire Jansen is forced to sell her mansion when her husband dies, leaving her flat broke. She moves into the stables when the house is bought by a rich but vulgar man and his new young wife who is unused to the ways of society. Soon, the two women form an unlikely alliance as they struggle to adjust to theri new circumstances.
Jean KittsonClaire Jansen
Alexandra DaviesJulie Coyne
Richard HealyBarry Coyne
Richard WilsonNick Jansen
Marco Pio VenturiniAnthony Coreno
Sarah ChadwickSarah
Merridy EastmanKatie
Sally StreckerArnya Duchevnic
Nick Hardcastle
Kittson adn Davies

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