Fireflies: episode guide

Telemovie | Series One


Peter Lamb John Waters and Libby Tanner

Saturday, February 07, 2004 (ABC)
Produced by John Edwards
Written by John O'Brien
Directed by Rowan Woods

The smell of smoke and Lost River is enveloped in an eerie haze. Newcomer to the town, Lill, is anxious. Her husband Perry is at work and she is out alone on their 25-hectare once weekender. She doesn’t know how far away the fire is and doesn’t want to look a fool by calling for help. Finally a neighbour visits Lill’s house and re-assures her that the fire is 15km away and has been brought under control.

But that night, Lill can’t sleep. She gets up and follows the glow of the distant fire. Eventually finding it beside the road north of town, she watches the amazing firies in action. Lill realises that belonging and surviving in this community means belonging to the RFS.

The community of Lost River needs volunteers, the small town heroes without whom so many country towns would wither and die.

There’s the captain, “Backa” Burke, everybody’s mate. There’s Joey, Mr Responsibility, with a serious demeanour that belies his youth. There’s Joey’s gorgeous girlfriend Fifi, a member of the notorious Sharp family, a family who knows no fear. There’s the equipment officer, silent Eris with the angelic singing voice. There’s lads and lasses and blokes in their 50s.

Then Old Peg Beecher smashes her car and needs a lift to her CWA meeting, and the only one who can do it is Lill. Lill expected that being part of the community would be hard work, but she didn’t know you had to be a saint to even make a start!

Meanwhile, the fire that they thought was put out is still smouldering, and Lill’s worst nightmare comes true.

Even one bad fire can kill — but this time they’ll be fighting on two fronts.

With: Rob Steele as Stewart MacTavish, Stephen Leeder as Bryce, Kain O'Keeffe as Kieran, Kim Knuckey as Noel McKinley, Helen O'Leary as Luisa, Barbara Angell as Mena, Rhonda Doyle as Ali, Hayley McInerney as Taz, Ashley Fitzgerald as Noodle, Keeara Byrnes as Candy, Edmund Cinis as Carter, Ros Bailey as Reggie, Larry O'Carroll as Larry, Eric Thill as Bikie Tanya Randolf as Tanya, Phil Bradac as Firie, Scott Pollard as Steve, Bradley Byquar as Patto, Kaitlyn Cox as Hotel Receptionist, Anna Hruby as Rebekah, Smiljevic Igor as Cowboy, Russell Kiefel as Sharpie, Peter Lamb as Eris, Russell Newman as Jeff, Janice Oxenbould as Peg, Steve Rodgers as Mike