Fireflies: about

John Waters and Libby Tanner firefighting treating wounded

Whether you’re new in town or have been there for generations, when you’re facing the driest, hottest summer in decades it pays to belong.

While the volunteers of the Lost River Rural Fire Brigade extinguish fires, the relations between its members continue to smoulder.

Two-time Logie Award winner Libby Tanner (All Saints) stars as Lost River’s newest resident Lill, permanently moved to the 25-hectare weekender she and her husband Perry, John Waters (Young Lions, All the Rivers Run), have been setting up for a couple of years. Lill learns that if you want a community you have to work for it and joins the Brigade.

Jeremy Sims stars as Backa Burke, the “good bloke” at the station, who is in a tempestuous marriage with Russian émigré Svettie, Natalia Novikova; their shop is failing and relations are tense.

Nadia Townsend plays Fifi who has just found out she's going to have a baby with Joey, Christopher Morris, and she doesn't want to marry him just to make it all respectable.

Flames aren’t the only danger this town will need to fight.

Fireflies is a Southern Star, John Edwards production in association with the Film Finance Corporation of Australia for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Australian music legend, Paul Kelly's music is the soul of Fireflies. Not only is his entire catalogue of music used in the series, a number of songs and musical pieces have been written specifically for the show. Songs from his new album Ways and Means are also featured throughout.