(international title: The Finder)

Executive Producer: Margot Phillipson
Producer: Ian Bone
Directors: Scott Hicks, Peter Lindon

Aired: 1991 - 1992 (10 x 20 min)

Ten year-old Patrick is a computer whiz. One day, through a computer game at the local shop, he receives a bizarre invitation to become a contestant on a million dollar game show. But the TV channel and the game don’t exist—or do they? Patrick accepts the invitation and so begins a series of journeys across the time barrier into a new dimension full of strange characters, baffling encounters and the ever-present danger of fading away before returning to his own world. Based on the book Finders Keepers by Emily Rodda.
Jeremy SchwerdtPatrick
Joey KennedyEstelle
Grant PiroMax
Kate SmithClaire
Penny MaegraithMum
Paul TresnanLucky Lamont
Sam PrestClock Robot
Jethro Heyson-HicksDanny (series 1)
Jackie KerinBoopie (series 1)
Patrick FrostDad (series 1)
Caroline WinnallCarol (series 2)
Tony MackMcCready (series 2)
Geoff RevellParsons (series 2)
Celine O'LearyAnna Varga (series 2)