Produced by Burberry Productions Pty Ltd

Executive Producers: Ewan Burnett
Producer: Alan Hardy
Writer: David McRobbie
Directors: Adrian Holmes, Jean-Pierre Mignon, Declan Eames, Elise McCredie, David Cameron

Aired: Jan 02 - June 25, 2004 (Ten)

This 26-part comedy series features teenager Fergus McPhail (and his irrationally optimistic alter-ego), stumbling from crisis to crisis mostly of their own making. The stories cover a year in his life, showcasing Fergus at home with his erratic family, at school among friends, at play and sometimes, having a win in the steeplechase of adolescence.
Sean OhlendorfFergus McPhail
Sean OhlendorfFergus McPhail
Michael HarrisonLambert Apanolty
Heli SimpsonSophie Bartoli
Megan HarringtonAngela Dayton
Marcus CostelloRichmond Claverhouse
Steven BahnsenDeclan Parker
Tammy McCarthyMum [Moira McPhail]
Brett SwainDad [Don McPhail]
Miriam GlaserSenga McPhail
Jessie JacobsJennifer McPhail
Reg GormanHarry Patterson
Fergus and friends

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