Creators: Wendy Gray, Claire Henderson
Executive Producer: Claire Henderson
Producer: Wendy Gray
Directors: David Evans, Di Drew
Writers: David Evans, David Marsh, et al

Aired: 1994 - 1995

The Ferals are four fuzzy funsters who live in a shed at the bottom of their reluctant landlord's garden: a cheating rat with green teeth; a mangy cat; a fluorescent orange dog and a dizzy pink rabbit. The series revolves around their rivalries, schemes and adventures as they attempt to survive and prosper. (30 x 25min)
Miguel AyesaJoe King
Kylle HogartRobbie
Brian RooneyLeonard
and puppeteeras
Mal HeapModigliana / Keith
Emma De VriesMixy
David CollinsRattus
Kelly WallenworkKylie
Danielle BakerKylie
Terry RyanDerryn / Warren

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