Produced by the Tasmanian Film Corporation

Original idea: Eddie Moses and Ron Saunders
Producer: John Honey
Directors: John Honey, Ron Saunders
Writers: John Patterson, Louise Sanders, John Honey
Theme music: Peter McKinley, lyrics: John Honey, Arranged and performed by Lyn Thomas

Produced: 1979/80
Aired: 1981 (ABC)

Fatty and his sister George are two ordinary kids whose scientist father is experimenting with time travel. One day things go very wrong and he becomes trapped in a limbo-like dimension. Worse still, the rod-like crystal at the heart of his experiment is sought after by the wealthy and evil Nancy, who ruthlessly pursues the siblings in order to possess it. The crystal has the power to freeze time around the bearer, thus the consequences of it falling into the wrong hands could be potentially devastating. With the help of their friend Izzy, aunty Kath and grandad Bert, Fatty and George search for a way to bring their father back, while trying to stay one step ahead of Nancy and her henchman Phil. Complicating matters further are the children's battles with a gang of BMX biker kids, Slasher, Jones and Maggot. (10 x 25min)
Scott KinlochAndrew "Fatty" Lockley
Lisa DouglasGeorgina "George" Lockley
Mathew ExcellIan "Izzy" Fowler
Pamela ArcherNancy
Barry PiercePhil
Noreen Le MotteeKath
Fred FramptonBert
Michael ChapmanSlasher
Shaun CockerJonesey
Michael AitkenMaggot

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